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It’s a Great Time to Become a Nurse (Here’s Why)

Where would we all be without nurses? Probably a lot sicker and more stressed. Everybody values nurses and appreciates the work they do and the economy has a major demand for them. In fact, there are shortages of nurses all over the country.¹ If you are considering becoming a nurse the time has never been […]

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Medical Billing Degrees: The Perfect Starting Point to a Rewarding Career in Healthcare

Healthcare is a rewarding field, but thinking of the years of training to become a doctor or medical professional can be intimidating—for your confidence and for your wallet. Thankfully there is an option that’s perfect for entering the medical profession without decades of tuition fees and training: getting a degree in medical billing. Getting a […]

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Why Seniors Are Loving Online Degree Programs in 2020

It’s never too late to learn something new, and an online degree is the perfect way to get started. Online degree programs are flexible, reputable, and often more affordable than their on-campus alternatives. Thankfully, there are many high quality universities offering affordable and high quality online degree programs in a number of subjects. From finding […]

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Could Stairlifts Help Keep Seniors Independent?

Getting older is a natural part of life. Unfortunately, older age has many experiences that can be less than pleasant. One is stairs: they become difficult to climb and descend, and, frankly, they can be downright dangerous. From balance issues to health concerns and broken bones, steps and staircases can be a disaster for seniors […]

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