Why Seniors Are Loving Online Degree Programs in 2020

It’s never too late to learn something new, and an online degree is the perfect way to get started. Online degree programs are flexible, reputable, and often more affordable than their on-campus alternatives. Thankfully, there are many high quality universities offering affordable and high quality online degree programs in a number of subjects.

From finding a new and fulfilling carer to keeping your brain sharp to simply learning a new skill, a college degree offers numerous benefits. Seniors now have more options than ever thanks to the power of the internet.¹ Here are some of the ways seniors are benefitting from online degree programs in 2020.

The Job Market Needs Seniors

Today’s online degrees are offered by reputable colleges and can prepare seniors for careers in a wide variety of fields. Even better, significant discounts of up to half-off are available for seniors in many different states.² These include degrees in accounting, psychology, real estate, tax preparation, child development, administrative work and museums as well as many more.³

It’s no longer too hard for seniors to find great work at older ages. In fact, the job market for seniors is growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipating significant growth of job availability for people aged 65 and older in the coming years.⁴

And if you’re just looking to enroll in an online program for the knowledge and education, an online degree is perfectly suitable too, thanks to the high quality of instruction and thorough curriculum offered by the programs available today.

The Advantages Of An Online Degree

If you’re in the older segment of the population, an online degree is a fantastic opportunity. The quality and range of courses offered is often equal to—and in some cases even better—than that available on physical college campuses. Even better is that the programs can be quite affordable and allow you to work from the comfort of your home.

The financial savings should not be underestimated. According to Value Penguin, the average cost of a bachelor’s degree from a public college for state residents in 2019 was $20,770, while the average cost of a bachelor’s degree from a private college was $46,950.⁵ You read that right.

An online degree from a good college, in contrast, starts at significantly less and can be completed up to twice as fast.⁶ There’s no need to pay for pricey textbooks, residency and extra maintenance and other fees. You just flip open your laptop or sit down at your desktop with a steaming mug of coffee and get to work while enjoying the view of your backyard.

Finding The Best Online Degree For Your Needs

There are various factors to think of in picking the online college degree that’s best for your needs. These include finding a good fit for schedule, cost, course content and job opportunities that will be available once you get the degree. There are also other perks to consider. For example, a number of colleges offer you use of a laptop included in the cost of the course. There are also various special services offered by colleges for older students including special advisors to help make the transition back into the world of higher education a smooth and fruitful one.⁷

More About The Financial Side Of Online Degrees

In older age money can often become a source of stress. Luckily many online degrees account for this. Not only are they usually more affordable than physical colleges, states have a large number of programs to help out seniors with tuition. From loans, grants and special scholarships for seniors, there are opportunities abound. Not to mention that federal education tax benefits are available such as the American opportunity tax credit which can net you up to $2,500 a year on tuition. That’s serious savings.⁸

Health Advantages Of Taking An Online Degree

Doing an academic degree is a great work out for your brain: it puts the brakes on dementia, Alzheimer’s and memory loss. Studying by taking an online college degree can keep you sharp and has also been found to promote mental wellness including feelings of personal fulfillment and happiness.⁹

In fact, some seniors don’t actually get an online degree to start a new job. They simply do it as a way to tackle a new challenge, stay social, and feel productive as they sharpen up their brain with a new skill.

Whether you hope to learn new languages, computer skills, tax filing, or a handy craft, an online college degree can be the perfect way to break out of the stereotype of seniors being inactive. Far from it, the golden years are just beginning!

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