Could Stairlifts Help Keep Seniors Independent?

Getting older is a natural part of life. Unfortunately, older age has many experiences that can be less than pleasant. One is stairs: they become difficult to climb and descend, and, frankly, they can be downright dangerous. From balance issues to health concerns and broken bones, steps and staircases can be a disaster for seniors with mobility issues. That’s where a stairlift comes in: a mechanized system for shuttling yourself up and down.

What Are Stairlifts?

A stairlift is basically a seat with wheels attached to a track that can be switched on and off to go up and down the track alongside the stair railing. You simply climb on to the seat, put on the belt and then pull the switch. Stairlifts come with remotes so that multiple individuals in a home can “call” it from the top or bottom like an elevator as well.

Speaking of elevators, there are some extra modern stairlifts that function just like them. You simply enter the stairlift elevator, press a button, the ‘elevator’ moves you up or down a floor, opens the door, and you exit. Naturally, these elevator stairlifts are more expensive, but they’re certainly cool and convenient.

How Much Do They Cost?

Having a standard stairlift installed does cost some money, but it’s worth it. On average it will cost between $2,000 to $4,000 to have a basic stairlift installed.¹ Make sure to find a company that will offer at least a one-year warranty. Problems do occasionally occur and it can be reassuring to know that any repairs are not going to come out of pocket.

The Benefits of a Stairlift

There are numerous benefits of installing a stairlift. Safety, comfort and mobility are most noteworthy.² As arthritis, heart issues and other problems—including difficulty staying balanced—often get worse when we age, things like staircases can start to look like fierce dragons blocking our path and hampering our independence. Stairlifts can help, majorly.

Stairlifts bring you back the independence and mobility to get around the house comfortably and stress-free. Granted, it is not always easy or straightforward to have a stairlift put in your house depending on the layout and how winding and complex the setup is.

Naturally, stairlifts work great for seniors. But stairlifts aren’t just for seniors: they’re for anyone who needs them including those with injuries or disabilities.

Stairlift Customization

Stairlifts offer many customization options – from the design of the stairlift itself to the styling. One important thing you’ll need to decide is whether you want a swivel or a fixed seat.  The swivel seats—as the name suggests—turn from side-to-side and can make it a lot easier to climb off once you get to the bottom or top of the stairs. On the other hand, a fixed seat can provide greater stability and peace of mind in keeping things simple.

Either way, stairlifts are worth seriously considering as they can greatly improve quality of life for people with disabilities and seniors looking for a solution to their staircase stress.

Finding A Great Stairlift

Stairlifts are less intimidating than they sound, and in many cases installing them is not that difficult and can be done in several days by an experienced contractor. The best next step is to research online to find the best option for your needs. Like any other product, stairlifts have reviews and companies with both good and bad reputations. Do some research and compare local options to get started in finding the best stairlift for you.

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