It’s a Great Time to Become a Nurse (Here’s Why)

Where would we all be without nurses? Probably a lot sicker and more stressed. Everybody values nurses and appreciates the work they do and the economy has a major demand for them. In fact, there are shortages of nurses all over the country.¹ If you are considering becoming a nurse the time has never been better. The list of benefits is long, from the outstanding salaries to the ability to make a real difference in the lives of others.

Here are some of the many great advantages of getting a nursing degree.

You Will Always Be Able To Find A Job

In today’s uncertain economic times this alone is an immense benefit of training to be a nurse. There is a high demand for nurses in almost every state, led by California, which has a nurse shortage of almost 50,000 with a projected need for 343,400 nurses by 2030. The average salary for a nurse in California is currently $101,260.² Not bad, right?

Nursing will give you options to find a job in whichever city, rural area or suburban zone you want and you can also choose to specialize in different kinds of nursing — from a clinical care nurse to a midwife nurse to a nurse anesthetist. This will give you particular opportunities and rewarding salaries in a wide variety of diverse hospitals, clinics and different medical practices. Employment of nurses is expected to go up by 16 percent by 2024, so now is the perfect time to climb aboard.³

Your Schedule Can Be Flexible

As a nurse you will sometimes work long hours and some overtime. Nonetheless, the job will give you schedule flexibility and—especially as you gain more experience—more chance to set out what hours and days work best for you. Often nurses will have a few days off followed by four days on, so be advised that it can be intense, but being a nurse will also provide you with enough time to rest and recuperate.

Say Goodbye To Your Student Loans

Because of the high demand and importance of nursing jobs, there are some great opportunities to work towards wiping clean your student loans once you get your nursing degree.⁴

A common way to do this is to work at a military-affiliated hospital, government-run hospital or for the Peace Corps. Not only will working for these institutions look great on your resume, but it will help reduce your student loans as well.

Many nursing graduates report a high feeling of personal fulfillment from a career in nursing because the instinct that guided them to want to help others finds an outlet every day with the work that they do.⁵

Despite the stresses, nursing is a way to make a positive difference in a troubled world and that reflects in life satisfaction.

Consider Taking A Nursing Degree Online

If you are seriously considering becoming a nurse, it makes sense to think about taking a course online. There is really no downside. The wide variety of reputable colleges that can give you a nursing degree means you have many options in terms of location, tuition cost and program details.⁶

There are some accelerated nursing programs that can get you through the whole process in less than two years, sometimes in as little as 11 to 18 months.⁷ That can translate into a serious savings of time and money. Taking a nursing degree online can cut down costs majorly and allow you flexibility to work from home on a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

One of the best ways to get started is to do some simple research online to look for a program that works best for you. Make sure to study your options carefully. Compare the pros and cons of a few different programs so you can make sure the one you choose is well suited to your needs. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a great and rewarding career as a nurse.

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