Free Browser Extensions That Can Save You Money on Everyday Purchases

These days it can seem like everywhere you turn someone wants you to spend money. Whether it’s on clothes, eating out, household items or entertainment, every moment becomes a new opportunity to turn your wallet upside down and shake it until nothing comes out. Fortunately there are many browser extensions that can help you save a lot of money on everyday purchases.


Honey is an outstanding browser extension that can lead to big savings, from coupons for Best Buy, Expedia and Nordstrom to orders from Pizza Hut. Delicious pizza and a trip to the Bahamas just got a little bit more affordable. Honey also provides price listings for sites like Amazon so you can see what the best deals are and any extra special promotions that are available on Prime.

Honey Gold also gives you amazing cash back deals on over 4,000 sites: you get a randomly drawn amount of points each dollar you spend and once you get 1,000 it is worth $10 at various outlets including eBay and Walmart. Tack on a $5 welcome bonus and other bonuses for getting friends to sign up and you’re looking at one sweet app. It works on most browsers and will automatically apply coupons.¹


Another excellent browser extension to save big is CouponCabin. It offers cash back of up to 10% at thousands of online retailers and it applies current coupons to online stores you’re buying from for added discounts. It also gives you coupons to print out and use in physical stores. A big plus of this extension is that it will also suggest the best prices on a number of items as you search online and shop. CouponCabin works on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.²


Gumdrop by Goodshop is a browser extension for savings that takes things to the next level. It works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. It works on almost 5,000 online retailers so there is a wide database of options. The best and most unique thing about Gumdrop is that it finds you deals and coupons on many items but instead of giving you all of that in cash back or points for your own benefit, Gumdrop lets you give away part of your points and rewards to a charity of your choosing.³


PriceBlink is a great extension that runs on Firefox, Safari and Chrome and advises you about the best deals out there—including suggestions of where to shop. That means if you are looking for a winter coat and find one you like on a certain website, PriceBlink will inform you that the exact same coat is available on another site for 20 percent less, for example. PriceBlink scans thousands of websites, so it is a powerful tool worth checking out. For some products, it shows user review scores as well, helping to make sure what you’re buying is well received.⁴


InvisibleHand is somewhat similar to PriceBlink and will show you the best deals available for whatever you’re searching for. Their website claims to have saved users over $1,000,000,000 in total with the average user saving $7.55 per purchase. A unique feature of InvisibleHand is that it doesn’t just work for retail products. It also helps you find the cheapest flights, hotels, and rental cars available on the market, making it a great travel companion.

InvisibleHand can also be a secret savings weapon: it will tell you how much something costs if its price is not initially displayed, saving you wasted time in putting it in your checkout cart just to find out how much it is. InvisibleHand works on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.⁵