The Best New Phones Available Right Now

Having a reliable and high-quality phone is a must these days. If you’re on the lookout for the top phones this year you’re in luck. This list compiles the best new phones from the most highly-respected brands to help you make a choice when picking a new phone.

Here are the five best phones from 2020:

1. LG

LG is a dependable and high-performance brand. They have steadily built up a reputation for producing smartphones that last and that have a range of options for every customer’s various needs. Their best offering this year is the LG V40 ThinQ in terms of both price and quality. Featuring many outstanding features and great performance, the V40 operates smoothly, launching apps with a snap and features five cameras so you can take all the photos your heart desires. This phone isn’t perfect, but it’s a great option.¹

2. Apple

Apple has built up a sterling track record by producing stellar phones that provide all sorts of options and user-friendly features. In 2020 they did not disappoint, coming out with a range of high-quality smartphones from the entry-level to the deluxe. Taking all elements into consideration, however, this year’s top choice has to be the iPhone 11. With a super battery, good price and a classic style, the iPhone 11 will do everything you need it to and then some, including an amazing camera that can take extra-wide shots and consistently strong performance.²

3. Google

The best Google-run phone of 2020 is the Samsung Galaxy S10. Reviewers across the internet reached a consensus that the S10 is a truly great phone. From display to operating system to performance, the S10 consistently rises to new levels and has high satisfaction ratings from customers. Running on Google’s Android, the S10 has an incredible camera, ultra-fast operating speed and a super-long lasting battery running the Snapdragon 855 processor. The Infinity-0 display is outstanding and it’s easy to unlock the S10 with your fingerprint.³

4. Huawei

The best Huawei phone of 2020 is the P30 Pro, which is one of the best phones that Huawei has ever made. With an excellent camera this smartphone is an industry-leader that runs on a HiSilicon Kirin 980 processor and has an extra long-lasting battery. The stylish design and comfortable usability only adds to the phone’s excellent user-friendly interface.⁴

5. Nokia

Although it’s not the global telecommunications giant it once was, Nokia is having a comeback and that includes putting out some excellent smartphones. Their best phone of 2020 is the Nokia 7.2 which sells for a very reasonable price, has an excellent camera and runs on a long-lasting battery. The HDR10 panel means the display is top-notch and operability is smooth no matter what you’re using the phone for. The Nokia 7.2 demonstrates that Nokia has fully re-entered the market and can offer smartphones that are both reasonably priced and high-performing.⁵

Finding The Best Phone

It’s always a good idea to start with a simple search online and see if there are any special offers to take advantage of. In some cases phone providers are offering special rates in return for signing up for a contract with their service. The above list can serve as a starting guide for the best phones produced in 2020.

Your specific needs and desires will help guide you to finding the right phone for your needs that also meets your budget. Beginning with a basic online search and going from there will inform you about offers and specific features you may need. Once you find what you’re looking for you’ll be on your way to enjoying a great new mobile device.