7 Great Tips for Better Cooking

Cooking is one of the joys of life and it can be immensely satisfying to try out new recipes and ideas. Whether you are cooking for yourself, a loved one or the whole family, there is an exciting world of cuisine to try your hand at. Along the way here are seven tips to make cooking easier and tastier.

1. Let There Be Light

This tip may seem extremely simple but it is also extremely important. It is vital to ensure that your kitchen or cooking area has enough lights that you can see what you’re doing well. Even if you don’t have good overhead lighting, buy a table lamp or clamp light to illuminate your cutting and food prep area: it will help with cooking itself and can also prevent any unfortunate accidents.¹

2. Recipe Readiness

Before beginning your kitchen adventure it is best to read the recipe you are working from all the way through—that is unless you are winging it and working from imagination. Reading the recipe gives you a roadmap of what you’re doing and ensures that you don’t leave the oven on for hours halfway through cutting ingredients as you try to decipher what to do next.²

3. Cooking’s A Dance: You Learn As You Go

Cooking isn’t literally a dance, but it is a dynamic process and it is best done by responding as you go to the ongoing culinary experience. One way to become a better chef is to taste and season your dish as you prepare it instead of waiting until the end. Even if it is just a tiny portion, taking a little taste can give you all sorts of insights into what spices or ingredients might need to be added to give it that extra little kick.³

4. Cutting Board Tip

Before beginning to cut vegetables, meats or other cooking ingredients on your cutting board it is recommended to put a damp cloth or towel underneath. This will stop the cutting board from swiveling around like a fish’s tail as you cut—and avoid potential cutting injuries.²

5. Stay Sharp

Even if you have a sharpener in your kitchen to keep your knives at their very best, it is optimal and much better if you can go to a professional to have your knives sharpened at least one time per year. Having sharper knives makes cooking less risky and makes it easier to prepare dishes.¹

6. Community-Supported Agriculture

Community-Supported Agriculture or CSA is a wonderful idea that will supply you with a weekly or bi-monthly box of fresh vegetables to use in your culinary creations. Delicious fresh veggies that also support the local economy is a big win-win that will help your cooking fortunes rise to new levels of greatness.¹

7. Getting Panned

It is a good idea to complete some cooking in a pan, especially with pastas. Keep the sauce simmering in one pan and then put in the pasta to mix and cook with the sauce until they form a delicious fusion. Doing it this way increases tastiness and temperature instead of just adding hot sauce to a plate of pasta afterwards.³

Armed with these tips, you’ll hopefully be able to take your cooking skills to the next level. But don’t stop here. Continue to try new recipes, always be learning new things, and get feedback from those who try your meals. Remember, cooking is a journey, and no one becomes a professional overnight. With time and practice, skill will improve and you’ll be on your way to becoming a master.

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