Lawn Care Doesn’t Need to be a Hassle (Here’s Why)

Having a healthy lawn is a true joy. Not only does it look beautiful, but it leaves the neighbors with a good impression and the reduction in clutter can even help with focus. But for many people, keeping the lawn healthy can be very frustrating. It’s a lot of work and it requires ongoing maintenance. That’s where lawn care services come in. There are a number of excellent and cost-effective professional lawn service providers that can have your lawn looking amazing in no time.

What You Should Do To Keep A Healthy Lawn

1. Find Help

Chances are there are lawncare professionals in your area who will treat your lawn the way it deserves for less than you think. In the middle of a busy schedule and without enough knowledge your hours of hard work can end up being ineffective. It’s worth asking a lawncare company to come in and help out. Even a local teen or handyman who advertises online can often be a low-cost solution to effectively taking care of your lawn.¹

2. Know Your Lawn

Before asking a company or person to come look after and cut and treat your lawn, get to know it. Does it have sprinklers already installed? How big is it? What services does the company include in its services: fertilizers, pruning shrubs and trees on your property, testing for soil quality? It’s worth asking all these things before the individual or crew shows up as it can save a lot of misunderstanding and money.²

3. Find Affordable—And High-Quality—Lawncare

The key to having a great lawn is consistency. While it may seem like no big deal to grab a hose and start watering when the grass looks dry, that’s actually not enough and you could be damaging your lawn. Same goes for if you just occasionally throw a fertilizer product around: you could be overstimulating the lawn or doing it in a patchy way.

You need a company or service that will consistently look after your lawn with expertise and hard work. In the end, the time you save watering and treating your lawn with fertilizers will more than worth it for what you pay to a company or individual for helping you out. Hiring lawncare professionals year-round is the best idea as they will get to know your yard and its unique needs. Make sure to hire someone with good references and a solid track record of lawn success.³

What You Shouldn’t Do If You Want A Healthy Lawn

1. Wing It

Lawns are complicated and they do take knowledge of horticulture, irrigation, botany and many other subjects. Although some people do “get lucky” in having a great lawn, you should not just guess when it comes to your lawn, you should either get a professional or thoroughly research the best way to care for it.

2. Get To It When You Can

As mentioned above, lawns need consistency. Getting to your lawn now and then when you have the time just isn’t good enough. Your lawn needs some dedicated—and regular—care on an ongoing basis.

3. Use Whatever Tools You Have In The Shed

Even though a lawnmower seems obvious, using whatever you happen to have in your shed just won’t do the trick when it comes to lawncare. You need to make sure to get the right trimmer, edging equipment and fertilizer for your lawn type and size.

Do Lawn Care The Right Way

Just like anything, lawns can get complicated. Wildlife may be munching on the grass, or irrigation issues may be leading to over or under-watering in certain parts of the lawn. Hiring a professional can be a simple solution to making sure your lawn gets right care. It’s very easy to do – an online search will show many of the local service providers and often their pricing as well. Compare the reviews and prices of a few different providers, so that you know that the company or person you ultimately pick offers great quality at a competitive price.