Why an Online Marketing Degree is a Fantastic Entry Point to a Fulfilling New Career

Marketing is currently more important than ever as businesses of all sizes seek to master the online space from Instagram to YouTube and the hundreds of other platforms in between. A career in marketing offers people the opportunity to use high levels of creativity while developing a greater understanding of human psychology. The salaries can be exceptionally high for those who excel. Getting an online marketing degree is the perfect entry point to beginning a rewarding and lucrative new career.

What Doors Will A Marketing Degree Open?

Marketing is a booming industry as every business needs to find a way to drive sales. From social media advertising, to developing new promotions, to formulating strategies to reach new markets, the opportunities in marketing are endless.

Earning a bachelor’s or associate degree in marketing will make you a highly valuable prospect for thousands of top employers across industries from the government to the entertainment industry and retailers to real estate agents.

Salaries in marketing-related careers are also quite reasonable ranging between $63,000 to $134,000 depending on the specific field and employer.¹ If you move up the ranks there is the potential for even better compensation: a chief marketing officer (CMO) makes an average of $80,000 to $253,000.²

Getting A Marketing Degree

Getting a degree is the first step to get started on the journey to a rewarding marketing career. You can choose to study in person or online, both of which offer respected and legitimate marketing degrees.

There are specifically a huge number of advantages to studying online. Online programs offer flexibility, lower costs since the college or university doesn’t have to pay for physical classrooms and facilities, as well as greater course variety since you can select from universities that are geographically far away from where you live.³

Also, there’s no need to worry about commuting in traffic or finding housing near the university you choose to study.

Accelerated Marketing Degrees

It is possible to take accelerated marketing degrees online that you can finish in one year. Many others take two-years to finish, although traditional four-year bachelor’s degrees are also available. As valuable and full of knowledge as higher education may be, in today’s ultra-competitive economy having a shorter duration of studies sets you ready to find work sooner and enter the job market without owing as much student debt.⁴

Many Diverse Careers In Marketing

As mentioned above, a degree in marketing can lead to all sorts of fascinating and unique jobs. Here are just several of the positions you can work your way up toward.

1. Sports Marketing Manager

As a sports marketing manager you are someone with exceptional knowledge of how the economy works, the sports world and marketing and advertising. Whether you’re working for the pro leagues or post-secondary leagues you make sure advertisements and sponsorship run on time and the right way and work with players, leagues and teams to market brands and events.

2. Advertising Sales Director

Advertising sales directors do just what their name suggests: they are in charge of the specifics of selling and broadcasting ad space exactly as the client wishes. They make sure client advertisements land in the right market at the right time to get clicks, purchases and attention. They build solid relationships and analyze all aspects of an audience to make sure that clients get results from their ads.⁵

3. Brand Manager

A brand manager’s job is to make sure a brand’s reputation, market penetration and marketing reach stays dominant. They also may investigate new markets to enter. They create advertisements and campaigns that will work to spread the brand’s reputation and increase brand loyalty with consumers. Overall, they help companies market their brand and sell more of it whether it’s a product or a service.

4. Public Relations Consultant

PR Consultants communicate with the public and stakeholders (especially the media) to make sure that an organization has a positive rapport with the community and in some cases to repair bridges after a disaster or scandal. PR professionals work to cultivate a positive image of their company in all instances.⁶

5. Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst works to understand those who are buying a company’s product or service. What do the consumers care about, what do they love, what do they hate? As a market research analyst you answer these questions and help make sales flourish.⁷

As always, researching online and finding the marketing degree that is right for you is your best option. Once you discover a program that fits your schedule, budget and what you want to learn all that’s left to do is begin your training in marketing and work your way to the stellar career that awaits you next.

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