How Home-Based Care is Helping Seniors Enjoy More Freedom

Being a senior comes with its own set of worries, health concerns and financial burdens. One of the biggest financial burdens on seniors and their families is paying for a senior living community or retirement home.¹ Thankfully there is another option with more freedom and a lower cost: senior home care.

America’s Growing Senior Population

By 2060, one-quarter of all Americans will be over 65, according to the US Census Bureau.² That is a lot of seniors with a lot of need for somewhere to live. Retirement and senior living facilities are building in anticipation, but prices are still high. The average cost of assisted living is currently around $4,000 per month, so that is something to keep in mind.³

There are independence and lifestyle factors to consider as well when it comes to where and how to live as a senior.

Introducing Senior Home Care

Over 89 percent of seniors wish to keep living at home and age in place.⁴ In addition to greater freedom and comfort, living at home is all about sticking around to enjoy what you spent your life savings to build and own: why leave now?

The problem is that many seniors have health concerns or other issues that require extra care.⁵ That is where senior home care comes in: aides who are paid by the hour or by contract to look after the health, bathing, bathroom, shopping and any other needs of seniors. This allows seniors to maintain their independence while still having a companion and on-call nurse to look after them.⁶

Why Choose Senior Home Care?

Senior home care services provide seniors with invaluable benefits. They can allow seniors to have nutritious and delicious meals prepared for them, participate in activities and bonding that might otherwise be missing at an assisted senior living facility, have a someone to monitor their health, and live an overall more purpose-filled adult life.

Studies also show that leaving the house each day is likely to increase your lifespan, and with a home care aide there will be the opportunity to get more exercise, including walks and activities outdoors since you always have someone to watch out for you. With many different kinds of senior home care available, from more medically-focused to help with basic necessities, you have nothing to lose by checking out your options.⁷

Finding Affordable Senior Home Care

Finding affordable senior home care is a matter of shopping around and considering which options suit your needs best. Some seniors might require an aide who will administer IV and medications as well as help bathe and perform hygiene services. Other seniors may only require assistance in preparing meals and help with daily activities. The range of in-home senior care services varies greatly, as does the pricing. The good news is that home care can start as low as $100 per week with some reputable companies like Nurse Next Door.⁸

Doing More Research on Senior Home Care

It is always a good idea to do your own research and find out more about senior home care in your region. To get started, you should consider using an online search tool to find the costs and types of senior home care available near you. When you’re ready to narrow in on one particular service, it is wise to read reviews, listen to word of mouth, and arrange a consultation before making your final decision. Following all of these tips will put you in a great position to make the best choice for you or your loved ones.