How Seniors Can Find Great Flight Savings

With retirement comes freedom, and with freedom comes the ability to travel the world and experience exciting new adventures. Although there is a wealth of possibilities, the prices of flights can become a real headache and get in the way of plans. But there’s good news – there are many opportunities for seniors to save and find affordable flights that won’t break the budget.

This guide is here to help seniors enjoy the golden years with tips on how to find the best rates on flights.

Being A Senior Has Its Advantages

In addition to being peaceful years of exploration and relaxation, being a senior can carry some hefty discounts on certain airlines, especially for flights to non-US locations. Those who are over 50 or in some cases over 65 often have access to special senior offers that can result in big savings on Delta, Southwest, British, and United Airlines. It’s possible to save up to several hundred dollars off international flights.¹

Check The Details

Each airline is different, so it’s important to check the details of who offers exactly what. For example, Delta Airlines has senior discounts as noted, but you have to contact them over the phone and ask about the discounts, as you won’t find them listed on their website. Southwest has discounts for those over 65 which can be found on their site or by calling them, while United offers discounts that are also for those over 65 and can be found online or reserved over the phone.²

Other Places To Find Seniors-Only Discounts

In addition to airline websites, calling in person or asking a travel agent, you can often find senior discounts being advertised as a part of a package vacation or via third-party travel booking websites. The main key is to always keep your eyes open for the age requirement and whether there are any special deals for seniors.

Make sure to check for any special offers for seniors before you put in your credit card info and click buy—it could save you some serious money, money you can use to buy souvenirs and drinks on the beach in the Bahamas. In many cases websites won’t notify you of senior discounts, nor will airlines unless you ask. If you’re willing to pay full price they’ll gladly accept your hard-earned money. So it’s always a good idea to specifically ask.³

More To Consider

In addition to the above tips, there is more information that can help you receive the senior airfare discounts you’re entitled to. One smart idea is to always sign up for newsletters and e-alerts from airlines so that you’re kept up to date. In general the more flexible you are about your travel dates the more chance you will also be able to find extraordinary deals—particularly in the off-season.

In addition, keep in mind that prices that seem “too good to be true” are often the price before checked baggage, so unless you are traveling with carry-on only you need to check the airline website to find out how much extra each checked bag is. Even with a senior discount it could negate the savings you thought you were getting.⁴ Whenever you are not sure about the rate it is advised to give the airline a call and find out about the details.

The first step, however, is to do your online research for senior discounts on flights—whether you’re going to Phoenix or France there are many offers out there that could be a perfect fit for your dates and budget. Start with a simple online search and go from there. The sky is the limit.