Why a European River Cruise Could Be a Truly Incredible Experience

Cruising Europe by river is becoming increasingly popular. It’s beautiful, relaxing, not excessively long and includes many unique and enjoyable stopovers at villages and cities throughout the journey. With the right knowledge and research, it’s possible to find a fantastic river cruise at an affordable price.

Discover Europe By River

After reserving your place on a European river cruise you will get to enjoy everything the cruise line has to offer. Most ships offer wireless internet and television, so you can relax and catch up on your favorite show before you sleep. Meals are typically included as are all sorts of snacks and coffee, and often the menu will change depending on where you are to match up with the local cuisine.

Choosing A River Cruise

The price of a river cruise can vary depending on the cabin selected. There are typically standard cabins with a window, standard cabins with a balcony, and premium large suites. Many cruise lines also offer gyms, salons, swimming pools and game rooms. Note that not all river cruises have every one of these amenities, so it is worth making sure the cruise you want has the right amenities.

Many cruises will have set stops along a river including at famous churches, landmarks, natural attractions, city centers and markets. Unlike ocean cruises, river cruises will be on smaller ships but it is easier to see the scenery closer up as you pass by. There is also more variety from the countryside to the bustling downtowns, making every day a feast for the senses. River cruises are a wonderful adventure for singles, couples or the whole family.¹

Here are five great destinations for a European river cruise.

Cruise The Danube

Europe’s stunning Danube river runs for over 1,700 miles through ten nations. Cruises usually take you from Germany to Hungary or Hungary to Germany. Along the way, cruises often stopover to see the famous sights of Vienna and Budapest, visit where Mozart is from and see the beautiful Christmas markets of Salzburg. This includes various adventures along the way at concerts, historic old downtowns and bike rides.²

Smell The Tulips

If you’re a fan of flowers, beautiful nature and adorable villages and cities then consider a Dutch waterways cruise. These cruises take you via Belgium and Netherlands through a network of tributaries and canals. The best time to go is in the spring. Generally you will start in Amsterdam and cruise through Antwerp, Arnhem and Ghent until you reach Rotterdam. There will be plenty of tulips—fields and fields of them—along the way and a final stop at the biggest flower garden on Earth at Keukenhof Gardens.³

See The Seine

Seeing the Seine has many highlights, especially the legendary city of Paris with its delicious food, rich cultural heritage and stylish, romantic streets. Seine cruises will also take you north of Paris through many towns with deep historical significance including key sites of the Second World War, churches from the Middle Ages and key places in the history of art and culture. If you love France and want to see it from the water then this is the perfect cruise for you.⁴

Discover The Douro

If you haven’t heard of the Douro River then you’re in for a treat. This magical body of water stretches from Spain to Portugal with cruises meandering on a week-long round trip that goes from Salamanca, Spain to Porto, Portugal and back, or vice versa. Along the way you get to check out the amazing medieval town of Lamego, various historical locations and the beautiful downtown of Salamanca, not to mention that you will see all the sights along the river including beautiful sunsets with delicious food and all the wine you can handle.

Refresh Your Senses With A Rhine Cruise

The regal Rhine is a river worth exploring, with cruises going all through Western Europe with its many cultural treasures. From Switzerland to the Netherlands, the Rhine takes you through the most beautiful parts of France and Germany and you will have a chance to see the beauty of Strasbourg, France, Cologne, Germany and many other places along the way. This includes stopovers to enjoy concerts, shopping markets, historical cities and landmarks.⁶

It’s Time to Set Sail

With all of the great benefits and scenery, going on a river cruise can be a truly incredible experience. Getting started is very simple, and river cruises can be booked with ease online. Performing a simple online search will let you compare the different destinations, cabin options, and their price points so you can find the best choice for your desires. A little bit of research goes a long way. It won’t be long before you’ll be having the time of your life on the river cruise of your dreams. Bon voyage!

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