Forget Home Landlines, A Better Solution is Here

Most people today see cell phones as the main alternative to landlines. In fact, according to the latest data over half of American households now use cell phones only, up from a mere 10 percent in 2006.¹ However, cell phones and their plans can be costly and complicated. Plus, it can be nice to keep a house phone. There’s no need to worry about signal loss, recharging the battery, or losing the phone. On the other hand, keeping your landline is more and more expensive as it becomes less common. There is another very low-priced and effective choice that people sometimes forget to consider: Voice Over IP (VoIP).²

What Is VoIP?

If you still have a landline telephone there is an easy way to switch away from it that can result in some major cost savings. It doesn’t require a cell phone or a cell phone plan either. It’s called VoIP. VoIP works by using your internet connection to make and receive phone calls. You no longer need a contract with a telephone company to use VoIP. This often translates into some incredible savings.

Some do choose to keep the most basic landline service in order to have 911 services and 411 services which are sometimes not included in VoIP. It is worth noting, however, that these services are included in some VoIP packages, so it is simply important to always keep in mind what you are looking for and the range of options that you want in the VoIP package you select.³

There are many different VoIP options, and VoIP is commonly used by airports around the world because it is highly-reliable and cost-effective.⁴ Additionally, 31 percent of American businesses are using VoIP, attesting to its high-quality and dependability.⁵

Setting Up VoIP

The good news is that getting VoIP set up in your apartment or home is easy and relatively cheap—in fact in most cases it costs almost nothing, especially compared to traditional landlines or pricey cell phone packages and contracts. In order to set up VoIP, you simply link up VoIP through your internet on your desktop or laptop computer.

After this and several short, easy-to-follow steps you can then call whoever you wish in the United States for free or a minimal cost, depending on your plan. In many cases you can keep your current phone number so that your friends, family and colleagues do not get confused in any way. You buy credits in bulk for your calls or pay as part of a small-priced membership subscription. As long as you have high-speed, well-functioning internet you will get clear service no matter whether you are calling – abroad or in the country.

More About VoIP

The savings and benefits of VoIP are considerable. According to the latest data, businesses using VoIP generally experience cost-cutting of 50 to 75 percent after phasing out landlines and changing over to VoIP. Using it for conference calling can also cut costs by up to 30 percent.⁶ And don’t be confused – VoIP is just as suitable for individuals as it is for businesses.

Saving Big With VoIP

You can easily save hundreds of dollars per year by using VoIP.⁷ As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you will likely find it is more than worthwhile to cancel your landline and use your old number via VoIP. A simple online search will yield many results for VoIP options. You can easily compare the pros and cons of each and choose one that work best for your needs.

It’s worth noting that perhaps the best place to look for the best VoIP deals is online, where you can find a number of special offers. After researching what works best for you, you will be able to make your selection and enjoy crystal-clear calling at more affordable costs.