The Great and Many Benefits of a Career as a Pharmacist

For those who enjoy improving health and wellness, being a pharmacist can be the perfect career choice. There are many specialties you can choose in the pharmaceutical field which pay reasonable salaries and offer ample opportunity for advancement. Whether you’re looking to start a new career as a pharmacist or change from an existing pharmacist job, now is an excellent time to get started.

Japan’s Pharmaceutical Industry Is Booming

Japan has one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical markets, and it continues to thrive and grow. In fact, only China and the United States have bigger markets. With its cutting-edge research, high demand for healthcare and aging population, there are many opportunities to have a satisfying and lucrative career as a pharmacist in Japan.¹

Helping Patients Improve Their Lives

One major benefit of being a pharmacist is that you get to help patients improve their lives. People turn to pharmacists when they need advice about medications or prescriptions filled. Pharmacists can be sources of medical knowledge and clarity for patients looking for answers. As a pharmacist you have the opportunity on a daily basis to help patients get the correct medicine for their needs and to prevent them from becoming sicker or even hospitalized.

Diverse Career Choices

Being a pharmacist doesn’t just limit you to working at a pharmacy or in the usual roles which you may be envisioning. As a pharmacist you have the option to work in many different job categories and locales. These can include working in a clinic, home health care, hospital, old age home, managed care, as a researcher or tester in the pharmaceutical industry and for various government agencies doing research.² Being a pharmacist makes you useful and needed in a range of different careers and leaves many doors open for you. The multitude and breadth of jobs available as a pharmacist make it an exciting career full of potential and diversity.

Being Part of a Team

Multiple studies confirm that there are numerous psychological benefits of group and team work. Working together with others boosts feelings of wellbeing, purposefulness and motivation.³ As a pharmacist you get the opportunity to work with others on a team both directly and indirectly. Whether it is in consultation with a doctor, in a hospital or in a group home setting, your contribution to health is a valuable part of the work of other medical care professionals.

Be Part of Exciting Advances

The pharmaceutical industry is in an exciting growth phase with new technology and research. For example, the field of pharmacogenomics treats individuals based on their DNA and Artificial Intelligence. Computer imaging technology and other innovations are also adding to the many advances in the pharmaceutical field.⁴ Being a pharmacist during this exciting time of discovery will let you be part of many impactful trends and innovations.


Being a pharmacist gives you a remarkable degree of independence in choosing where and how you work. You can opt to practice in a traditional clinic or pharmacy or branch out into opening your own business, hiring employees or working as a consultant or lab researching. The opportunities are endless, and the independence and schedule flexibility are unrivalled.


As a pharmacist you will be a community leader who also has the chance to mentor future pharmacists. This can include everyone from new colleagues to young aspiring pharmacists who may be out on a school field trip. In your leadership role you will be an inspiration and guide to others because of your work supporting health and medical innovation.

If you are interested in becoming a pharmacist, or if you are already a pharmacist looking for new job opportunities, the best way to get started is with an online search. There are many websites that are able to help assist in the process of finding a fantastic new job. We hope you will enjoy much respect and success in your future career as a pharmacist.