Medicare Advantage Plans Could Be a Game Changer for Seniors (Here’s Why)

Medicare can be a lifesaver when it comes to paying your doctor’s bills. But its coverage is very limited – and the expensive costs of everything from eyeglasses to dental implants aren’t included and can quickly add up. This is where a Medicare Advantage plan comes in. It covers the things that ordinary Medicare doesn’t cover and leaves you with peace of mind and a much better financial situation.¹

What Are Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage plans are upgraded Medicare options that are listed as “Part C” of Medicare. They cover many areas that regular Medicare does not cover including vision, dental and hearing services and equipment.² A Medicare Advantage plan can help to bring down your overall medical costs by covering medical bills and treatments not included in a standard Medicare plan.

With many customization options and flexible plans to cover what you need at a price you can afford, Medicare Advantage plans can be very attractive for seniors. You can select the type of coverage that you want under your Medicare Advantage plan and choose whether you want a PPO or HMO.³ Below are some specific options that can be covered under a Medicare Advantage plan.


Many Medicare Advantage plans can cover eye exams, glasses, contacts and any other optical needs. It can be frustrating to have a vision problem or concern but know that you won’t be covered under Medicare. Under regular Medicare eye exams are generally not covered. Thankfully, there are many Medicare Advantage programs where vision needs are covered at a reasonable premium.⁴


Taking care of your teeth is an important component of good health. Standard Medicare doesn’t usually cover any dental needs, whether it is regular cleanings, fillings, dental implants, or more advanced treatments. This can leave you in the awful position of being stuck with potentially serious dental problems without having the money to fix them. With Medicare Advantage it’s a different story, however, as it gives you dental coverage for many things including x-rays, cleanings, and tooth pulling. It also can include subsidized coverage of more advanced procedures like root canals and implants.⁵


Hearing care is important but hearing aids are not covered by Medicare and neither are most other hearing services. With Medicare Advantage you can rest assured that these services will be covered including regular hearing exams and doctor check-ins, hearing aids and other hearing needs.⁶


The price of medication can really add up, and Medicare is often not enough help. Thankfully, Medicare Advantage covers comprehensive medication plans that will help pay for your prescription medications and make sure you are covered.⁷

Other Advantages

While these are some of the main extra services that can be covered by Medicare Advantage plans, the list does not end here. Plans can also include wheelchair ramps, shower grips, meal delivery, and doctor’s office transportation.⁸ However, not every plan includes the same level of benefits, so be sure to read the plan details thoroughly.

Medicare Advantage Can Save Lots Of Money

In addition to offering you the service and coverage you need, Medicare Advantage can help you save money overall on medical expenses.⁹ While most plans involve paying a monthly premium, there are some plans that have zero premium and a higher out-of-pocket cost.¹⁰

Although the cost savings and improved coverage make Medicare Advantage an attractive option for many seniors, it is always worth doing your own research. Make sure you need the kinds of extended coverage an Advantage plan will offer, and make sure the costs make sense given your financial situation.

A great way to get started in finding a Medicare Advantage plan is to perform a simple search online. This will enable you to compare a number of different plans, evaluating the different services covered and price points. It shouldn’t be long before you find a fantastic plan with great coverage to suit your needs.