4 Undesirable Places for Seniors to Retire (And Why There’s No Reason to Worry)

Although many seniors hope to retire in a luxury oasis where their needs are taken care of and they can enjoy an active lifestyle with good medical care, the reality is sometimes different. In fact, there are a number of locations that seniors should actively look to avoid. But fear not, no matter where you plan to settle down, modern luxury senior living facilities are helping to make retirement a wonderful experience.

As mentioned, not every area in the U.S. is perfect for seniors. Here are some specific locations that seniors may want to avoid.

Riverside, California? No Thanks

Riverside, California is close to Los Angeles but lacks many of its benefits. It has all of LA’s sky-high prices and accommodation costs without any of the city’s rare perks like the beaches and entertainment industry. It also lacks good public transit options, forcing seniors to drive in potentially busy traffic. For seniors, Riverside may not be the best option. At least it’s got the California weather though, right?¹

Buffalo, New York? Give It A Pass

Buffalo is known for its cold winters, high taxes and decent housing prices. The low accommodation costs don’t make up for the massive piles of snow, difficulty in getting around and freezing temperatures. That’s not to mention its below average healthcare ranking as well.¹ This city is best avoided for these reasons—especially for seniors who need to get around and may rely more on healthcare.²

Toledo? Maybe Not.

Toledo, Ohio is another very cold destination for seniors. Despite low housing costs, the wintertime has average temperatures of just 28 degrees in January. It’s normal to expect many feet of snow. There aren’t a ton of things to do in Toledo either, although when the weather is warm enough you can visit the zoo, botanical gardens, or art museum.³

Oklahoma? Think Twice.

Even though Oklahoma has a lot going for it including no tax on social security, it is ranked very poorly in terms of senior health care. Smoking and physical inactivity are widespread in the state, which may frustrate seniors who are looking to live a healthy lifestyle. There also are not many senior living facilities in Oklahoma and—last but not least—it often has devastating tornadoes.⁴

Better Choices

Truthfully, whether you’re retiring in a tropical oasis or in a gritty and undesirable city your satisfaction as a senior will often come down to your living environment. High-quality care services, friends and social community, family, good food, and fun activities can make living in the worst area ever an enjoyable experience.

Fortunately, there have never been more opportunities for today’s seniors to experience all of these things and more, thanks to an upsurge in high-quality senior living facilities. Developers have been building new senior living communities at an alarming rate to accommodate the aging baby boomer population. Whether you’re looking for independent or assisted senior living, there are great options available.

This rapid increase in supply has also resulted in some developers looking to fill rooms that remain unsold as soon as possible. This means that there could be some very good offers out there to live in luxurious, pleasant, social, and activity-rich senior living communities.

Luxury Senior Living Facilities

There are many senior living facilities—assisted and independent—which offer a wide range of enjoyable leisure activities, in-house medical staff, and comfortable accommodations all within beautiful grounds.

Many people associate senior living facilities as being dreadful places filled with abusive staff and zero independence. But don’t worry. That’s definitely not the case in most of today’s luxury facilities. Doing a little bit of research to find the right place can ensure you end up in what feels more like a holiday resort.

Many new luxury senior living facilities are designed with comfort and leisure in mind, allowing seniors to live a full, healthy and active life. Many communities also include onsite perks like aromatherapy, spas, barbershops, workshops, pools, auditoriums and entertainment centers, massage salons and golf.⁵ For example, The Clare in Chicago skillfully integrates city life with a top-tier retirement facility and Del Webb in Greensboro, Georgia is a golfer’s dream with greens for miles and exceptional quality accommodations.

There are so many options to retire in style with a great community and a great lifestyle that the world really is your oyster. In most cases, searching online is the best way to find the right option for your needs and budget. Evaluating your options and determining what is a fit and what is not is the first step to finding the perfect new enclave.

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