Why All-Inclusive Vacations Are More Popular Than Ever

If you have been thinking about taking an all-inclusive vacation the time has never been better. There are all sorts of amazing offers to be found that will take you to the destination of your dreams. Add in the all-inclusive feature and you have a recipe for memories that will last a lifetime.

Picture Yourself In Paradise

All-inclusive resorts are built for your enjoyment: beachside, luxurious, with delicious restaurants and entertaining concerts and activities. Whether you’re in Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic, you’re soaking up the sun and living your best life. You’re meeting new friends and socializing like rock star. As you sit by the pool sipping a margarita and feel the first hint of hunger you head over to the all-you-can-eat buffet and load up on mouth-watering watermelon and a burger and nachos with the added benefit of knowing it’s already all paid for. Your stomach thanks you. Afterwards you spend some time at the bar listening to a mariachi band that’s not half bad while your wife enjoys some pampering time at the spa.

Thank Gerard!

The idea of an all-inclusive vacation was first developed by a Belgian man called Gerard Blitz in 1950—really. Blitz was a water polo player who loved the idea of paying a set price and then enjoying whatever you wanted. Once you pay the price you are good to go, whether you have booked a three-day all-inclusive trip or a two-week all-inclusive holiday. Whether you are traveling solo, with your partner or with the whole family, an all-inclusive trip really takes the pressure off: the money side is settled, now the fun begins. Thanks Gerard!¹

Wide Open Options

When it comes to all-inclusive holidays, your options are wide open. You can choose a five-star or a three-star resort, you can combine it with a cruise, you can choose something more oriented to adults and romance or more suited to the whole family and kids. The sky really is the limit: you can go somewhere that is known for its windsurfing, or maybe choose an all-inclusive resort that is known for its laugh-out-loud comedy nights and tastebud-tantalizing food. Then again, if yoga is your thing maybe you want to book an all-inclusive trip to a resort with yoga sessions included. The world is your all-inclusive oyster.¹

You’ll Be Surprised At The Savings

When some people think of an all-inclusive vacation they worry about the cost. The truth is that in many cases an all-inclusive holiday can be a good way to save money compared to just winging it or booking hotels privately and finding your own restaurants to eat at. When you pay your money in one lump sum that handles your meals, drinks and entertainment it can result in incredible savings. There is also quite intense competition in the all-inclusive travel world, so there are deals out there that are truly outstanding if you take the time to look around and compare—and especially if your travel dates are flexible.² Additionally, all that time haggling about where to eat or what beach to visit is saved meaning you have much more time to enjoy yourself and live life!³

Where Do We Go From Here?

With all-inclusive vacations you can choose the location of your dreams and make it a reality. Do you want to go to Costa Rica and surf at Tamarindo or see the crazy monkeys jump in the trees and colorful macaw parrots? What about Jamaica where you can chow down on some tasty jerk chicken and chill at the beach? Maybe your dream spot is Cancun, partying hard and living la vida loca? What about the Bahamas for some sunshine and relaxation or the Dominican Republic to be caressed by the Caribbean winds? Whatever your taste, searching online and finding the best all-inclusive vacation for you is right around the corner.

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