Is It Time to Consider Dental Insurance?

As seniors grow older, health insurance becomes something we need to consider more and more. Something that is often overlooked, however, is securing proper dental insurance. Even if you’ve looked after your teeth meticulously, wear and tear can take its toll. Without insurance, dental costs can spiral out of control very quickly, so it’s important to get a decent insurance option in place as soon as possible.

Here are some great dental insurance options worthy of considering.


As one of the biggest dental insurance providers in the United States, Humana has a range of options including for senior citizens. And with a network of around 130,000 dentists, it’s easy to see why people choose their dental insurance from Humana.¹ But in reality, it’s more than that.

Humana dental insurance plans for seniors include special programs for veterans as well as a phenomenal loyalty program.² Built into these programs you will find discounts on other services including hearing exams as well as prescriptions.

Under the Humana loyalty program, benefits are increased each year for good measure. And if you need to visit a specialist, it isn’t necessary to visit a primary care dentist first. Humana dental plans have varying prices depending on the plan chosen.

AARP Dental Insurance Plan From Delta Dental

For AARP members, this dental insurance plan from Delta Dental has plan options with two different types of coverage. These are PPO Plan A and Plan B.

Plan A provides the most coverage and includes a large number of services but also has the highest premium. Seniors who opt for this plan receive excellent free services including three teeth cleanings and dental exams per annum, providing it is with an in-network dentist.

Plan B has lower premiums and includes a number of basic services. Three teeth cleanings and dental exams per year are provided but this plan only covers 80% of these costs.¹


Aflac offers extensive dental coverage with the advantage that seniors are able to visit any dentist near their home and claim against their policy. The claim process is also extremely easy to do with no co-payments necessary and no restrictions on dental coverage. Claims can be made in a number of ways including electronically, by fax, regular mail or a simple phone call.

Note, however, that Aflac will not cover any procedures that are not recommended by a dentist and will not cover any teeth missing from before their dental insurance coverage started. Three plans are offered by Aflac – basic, standard and premium. They cost varying rates per month. Also note, Aflac’s dental insurance policy is not available in every state in America.³


Along with their Medicare Advantage dental plans, UnitedHealthcare also offers seniors the option of separate dental insurance coverage. This includes an added extra in the form of hearing coverage, a useful addition for seniors, no doubt. And with a slight increase in monthly premiums, you have the option of adding vision coverage as well.

That said, these plans are slightly more pricey than many of their rivals but do offer some of the highest coverage when it comes to dental insurance plans as well as having no deductions. Also unlike many of its competitors, there is no waiting period for a range of dental services including major procedures such as fitting a crown or doing a root canal. And with 100,000 dental providers, UnitedHealthcare covers the whole of the United States.⁴

These are just some of the dental insurance plans for seniors that you can consider. There are plenty more available to suit your unique needs. So don’t jump straight in, take your time, do your research and find the one that suits you best as a senior.