Future Proof Your Career with a Computer Science Degree

Technology has completely changed the way we work. Even the most basic careers today usually require some computer skills, and those without them may find themselves struggling. In fact, the bulk of future job growth now lies in the technology industry.¹ Many of those looking to capitalize on this trend have decided to enroll in computer science degree programs. A computer science degree can be a perfect entry point to a highly demanding, competitively paying, and future-proof career.

A World of Technology

As everyone knows, the work world is changing in many ways. The number one reason can be summed up in one word: technology. Careers which used to be seen as the pinnacle of success like being a lawyer or doctor are still high-paying and respectable, but these careers are often not as exciting and cutting-edge as those in the tech field.

Even being a lawyer or doctor now goes hand-in-hand with working with high-technology systems. Whether it be using computer applications, e-mails and teleconferencing, or medical diagnostic equipment, professionals rely on technology on a daily basis.

Becoming qualified in creating, maintaining, or fixing computer and technology programs can put you in a highly advantaged position. Demand is continually growing for individuals who know how to work well on computers and technology. That’s where a degree in Computer Science comes in.

Computer Science Job Opportunities

Nearly every industry today has some sort of technology component. This means there are a number of very high-paying and satisfying careers available for computer science graduates.

Some of the primary and increasingly sought after Computer Science specialties include database administrators (11 percent growth by 2026), software developers (24 percent growth by 2026), computer network architects, and information security analysts.² Average salaries in these areas will bring a smile to your face as well. The average salary for database and network administrators is $73,009³; the average salary for a software developer is $108,080⁴; the average salary for a computer network architect is $109,020⁵ and the average salary for an information security analyst is $98,350.⁶

Getting A Bachelor’s In Computer Science

A bachelor’s degree in computer science is the key that will unlock the doors to these outstanding careers and let you work in the areas you are passionate about. If you’re interested in getting a degree, one of the first things you’ll have to think about is where to go. You’ll want to factor in time to complete, costs, and program quality.

One great option is to consider getting a computer science degree online from a reputable university or college. From the University of Florida to Oregon State University to Troy University in Alabama there are many outstanding online bachelor’s degrees in computer science.⁷

What Will It All Cost?

The cost of an online degree in computer science greatly depends on where you choose. Florida State University is one more affordable option, charging $15,501 per year for in-state students, while the most expensive options can go up to $83,000 per year.⁸ Although the financial investment even for an online degree is considerable, a computer science degree can take you very far.

Another thing to factor in about studying online is the amount you will save in accommodation, commuting, textbooks and other on-campus expenses which really add up.

Deciding To Get A Degree In Computer Science

The decision to get a degree in computer science could be truly rewarding. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 16 percent growth rate in Computer Science related jobs by 2028, which means there will be a steady supply of fulfilling employment opportunities for men and women who have done the work to get a degree. As the above salaries also indicate, graduates will be well rewarded for their efforts and—because of the high-demand job market in the field—will have their pick of almost any location, company or specialty they wish.

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