Remodeling the Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

Simple renovations around the home can really brighten everything up. If you decide to remodel your kitchen it can be an exciting adventure and a great way to upgrade the value of your home.¹ Even better, remodeling your kitchen doesn’t have to be too expensive. There are effective ways to keep the costs down while still transforming your kitchen into a modern masterpiece.

Here is a guide on how to save the most on your kitchen remodel.

Keep What You Can

The first tip is to save what you can. Leave existing appliances in place to save on the large costs of moving gas lines, electrical outlets and plumbing pipes. Even though it might be tempting to tear everything down and start over from scratch, chances are there are still many shelves, cabinets and materials that only require minor repairs or cosmetic adjustments.

If you do have to buy cabinets, consider buying them pre-made to save. Cabinets are likely to be the main expense of remodeling your kitchen and can be very expensive if you buy them new and have them installed by a contractor. Keeping an eye on cabinet cost and keeping the cabinets that are still good will save you a bundle.²

Floor Solutions

Floors cost a lot, and making decisions about your kitchen flooring is a key part of your kitchen remodel. If your floors are scuffed up and worn, consider having them sanded and refinished instead of completely removed with new floors put down.

If you do opt for a new floor the main decision will be between tiles, hardwood or linoleum. The cost depends on whether the sub-floor under your current kitchen floor has plywood or is built on a slab, so find out. Another way to save is to consider putting down the floors yourself if you feel able to, especially with good do-it-yourself flooring options like vinyl planks.³

Buy Local

It can seem like the easy choice to visit a large chain store for your construction supply needs, but they do not necessarily always have the best deals. In many situations there are actually lower prices—and more unique items and styles—at smaller boutique shops, auctions and family-owned shops.⁴

Pay Attention To Counters

Counters come in many materials from Formica to tile and stone. While you may be wishing for a certain surface feel or look, keep in mind that a material like granite will greatly increase the price. Instead, you can opt for a laminate that is much cheaper or go for a butcher block material. Another savvy counter option is to search for recycled wood or stone at auctions, antique stores or second-hand shops. Hunting for deals in general can be a key way to save big on your kitchen remodelling.⁵

Do You Need An Island?

Even small kitchen islands can be very expensive. There are creative ways to skirt this cost by using a table you already have for a mobile island, or taking an old dresser and modifying it to be an island. Getting imaginative with islands can be a way to make your kitchen highly unique and make the renovation process less costly.⁶

Light Up Your Kitchen

Lighting can be a great way to spruce up your kitchen and give it a whole new atmosphere. Consider recessed or track lighting which has many different styles. One advantage of track lighting is the ceiling won’t need to have spaces cut in it to install the new lighting. Track lighting with a dimmer switch can be placed to provide the perfect mood you are hoping for and can also cost a fair bit less than recessed lighting. It is also easier for an electrician to install.⁷

Pace Yourself

In general, a kitchen remodel is a big task and it makes sense to pace yourself.⁸ Consider doing the kitchen remodel in several or more phases so you don’t spend all your money at once. Also consider working with a contractor.⁹ While it can be tempting to do the work on your own to save money, a contractor can provide peace of mind that the job will be done professionally and well.

If you end up doing a shoddy job yourself, you could end up spending more than you would just going with a contractor anyways. As always, researching online and finding the best deals and the best contractors is a great idea as you work your way toward your dream kitchen.