Could Walk-in Tubs Protect Seniors from Serious Injuries?

If you never think about bathroom safety, you should. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the bathroom is the most dangerous room in a home.¹ Even though it might seem like a relaxing place to relieve yourself or take a shower or bath, the bathroom can be a life-threatening maze of slips, falls and accidents—especially for seniors. The days of just having an easygoing bath can seem like a thing of the past, but: that is where walk-in tubs enter the picture.

What Are Walk-In Tubs?

Walk-in tubs are exactly what they sound like: bathtubs that you can walk-in to by opening a small, watertight door.² Bathroom slips and accidents are the number one cause of injuries for seniors, with 81 percent of their household injuries occurring in the bathroom.³ A walk-in tub can cut down the danger of this significantly and lead to a relaxing and healthy bathing experience. Luckily there are many options available when it comes to walk-in tubs.⁴

Details About Walk-In Tubs

Regular bathtubs require stepping at least several feet over the edge and are easy to slip in and fall. Even taking showers with a grip-mat can become a disaster and dangerous to your health. A walk-in tub solves this. They are made specifically with seniors in mind and those who suffer from disabilities or impaired mobility. With Jacuzzi features and grip handles, walk-in tubs combine safety and comfort. You just walk over tiny four-inch step and sit on the comfortable seat and enjoy a lovely bath.

Features To Look For In A Walk-In Tub

Walk in tubs come in a number of varieties and have many different features. In particular, making sure your tub comes with whirlpool water and air jets for a Jacuzzi experience can make a big difference. These features can help relieve any muscle aches or pains so you leave the walk-in tub feeling like a brand new person.

What About the Cost Of A Walk-In Tub?

The assumption that a walk-in tub is going to cost the world is not correct. In fact, walk-in tubs generally range from $2,000 to $5,000. Very specialized bariatric and other models for hydrotherapy can go all the way to $20,000, but there is no need to pay that unless you would like the more advanced models. In terms of the installation of a walk-in tub, it will generally run you $1,500 or under. Many walk-in tub companies will give you a free in-home consultation about how much it is going to cost to install before you decide whether or not to purchase the tub.⁵

More Walk-In Tub Advantages

Walk-in tubs can also be used to take a shower and they generally have grip-easy handrails and floors so that you won’t slip. Consider making sure that the walk-in tub you purchase meets the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

In addition to the numerous health benefits and pore-cleansing joy of enjoying a steaming bath or shower, you can rest easy knowing that the ADA has given the green light to the walk-in tub and that it is safe as can be.

As always, it is a good idea to do your own research online and look at the options available for walk-in tubs in your area. Carefully consider your options and assess the pros and cons of a few different tub companies before making your final decision. The many advantages of choosing to install a walk-in tub, combined with its many health and relaxation benefits make it a great discovery that will improve life immeasurably.

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