Affordable & Convenient Home Cleaning Services

Keeping your house clean can be a major chore, but it is an absolute must. As we all know, however, cleaning up around home takes a ton of energy. For many, the effort is just too much. That’s where home cleaning services come in. There are a number of great cleaning services people are now using to get their homes cleaned with minimal hassle.

Here are a few popular cleaning services worth considering on the market today.

Maid Simple

Maid Simple is an ideal option for seniors looking to have their home cleaned. They don’t require a contract, charge by the hour and use green products. The one drawback is that Maid Simple only operates in California, Texas, Colorado, Kentucky, Florida, Minnesota and New Jersey, so if you are not in one of these states you are out of luck. If you are located here, Maid Simple is highly recommended. Their cleaners have great reviews, they use natural products and they are all about providing a no-nonsense cleaning service that leaves your place sparkling clean.¹

Molly Maid

Molly Maid has a great reputation for a reason: they do a good job for a good price. They also offer a full satisfaction guarantee so you can be sure you will get a clean place with good service when you hire them. Operating nationwide, Molly Maid is the perfect choice for seniors. The pricing varies depending on how far the cleaners have to travel to your place, but you are looking at approximately $75 to around $100 per hour for two cleaners.²

Maid Right

Maid Right offers a lot of flexibility in their cleaning options. You can use them just once for a deep clean or you can receive a regular recurring cleaning. They have locations in select states across the United States. Maid Right also offers a full guarantee on their work which means you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a shoddy cleaning job and the bill. Prices depend on what kind of cleaning you want done.³

Cleaning Authority

The Cleaning Authority has built a solid reputation since its founding more than 40 years ago and has great cleaners who work fast and well. With a full guarantee on all work and prices that vary depending on the job and location, Cleaning Authority is well worth considering. Their website also has a price calculator to look at how much it is going to cost you.⁴

Merry Maids

Merry Maids offers a full range of high-quality cleaning at around $100 per hour. It is one of the biggest cleaning companies in the United States and it has a great reputation because its cleaners consistently do top-tier work, including specialty cleaning and specialized bathroom cleaning—or just general home cleaning. You can also submit a request asking for a quote on how much your home or apartment will cost to clean.⁵

Finding The Best Cleaning Service Near You

While the options above are all excellent choices to consider, not all of them are available nationwide. The good news is that nowadays there are a number of cleaning services available in every area, and performing an online search will show you some of the greatest options near you. Do your research, get price estimates, and compare reviews before choosing your new cleaning service. That way, you will be able find the right cleaning service in line with your needs and budget. Before you know it, you might just be impressing your friends and family with your sparkly clean home!

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