Why Seniors Are Switching to These Cell Phone Plans

These days cell phones are a necessity. But for many seniors they can be tough to figure out. The many buttons and apps are hard enough, but when it comes to choosing a cell phone plan it is a whole new challenge. Thankfully there are a number of great and affordable cell phone plans that have been specifically designed with seniors in mind.


There are many advantages to Greatcall, including its senior-friendly, big-buttoned and backlit Jitterbug Flip phone and Jitterbug Smart 2 phone. Greatcall does not require any long contracts and its phones are especially designed for seniors, particularly with their highly-rated 5Star Urgent Response plan. This feature allows seniors to immediately access an emergency services line in the case of a health incident, so they can get help the help they need quickly.

Greatcall plans start at only $14.99 which includes 200 minutes and an extra add-on of $3 per month for up to 300 texts. Nonetheless, it should be noted that there is an initial setup fee of $99, however this is more than worth it when you compare it to many other plans on the market. In terms of data plans you can get 40MB of data for only $2.49 per month or you can go all the way up to 2.5GB of data for $30 per month. Greatcall is an all-around great option, especially for seniors.¹

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is new on the market and quickly picking up pace with new customers thanks to its great reviews. It is especially positive for seniors with its direct, no-nonsense plans and helpful customer service agents.

The key feature of Republic Wireless cell phone plans is their flexibility, especially with the range of calling and data packages available depending on each person’s needs. There is no yearly contract required and unlimited calls and texts start at only $15 per month with additional plans ranging up to an extra $20 to $45 to add on varying amounts of data.²

Sprint: Unlimited Plans with Excellent Options

Sprint Mobile offers a 55+ plan offering calling to 185 countries, hotspot access to 3G networks, music streaming and game streaming. This includes unlimited voice minutes, texting and data as well, so they can suit the busy senior who is on their phone for long periods of time. The cost is $35 per month.

It is worth noting that on this plan a contract is required and cancellation fees can get steep, so be sure you are committed before signing up. There is a setup fee of $30 and the deal is only available in-store if you are a first-time, new Sprint customer.³


The T-Mobile 55+ plan is also well worth considering. Their Unlimited 55+ plan gives you two phone lines per month with unlimited talking, texting and data for $70 per month to anyone over 55-years-old. If you only need one phone line the price goes down to $50. Not bad, right? T-Mobile is consistently rated as one of the best cell phone providers in America for a reason: they have good coverage and good service.⁴

AT&T Senior Nation Plan

The AT&T Senior Nation Plan is available for anyone who is 65 and up. This plan offers 200 minutes of daytime calls and 500 night and weekend minutes—or unlimited if it is to other AT&T customers. At $29.99 per line per month the cost is also very affordable. The only downside here is that AT&T Senior Nation is not available on smart phones or tablets and can only be used on simple flip phones and basic cell phones.⁵

Choosing The Plan That Is Best For You

As always, doing more research online is a good way to find the plan that is best for you. In terms of budget, plan features—including calling, texting and data—and many other aspects it is important to compare all of your options and carefully select the plan that suits your needs best.

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