5 of The Best Things to Do on a Cancun Vacation

Cancun is an amazing holiday destination in Mexico’s Yucatan region. In addition to relaxation, picturesque beaches, partying and fun in the sun, the wonderful Mexican city has all sorts of attractions and nearby sites that will make your vacation one to remember. Here are five of the best things to see and do in Cancun.

1. Life’s A Beach

Do endless beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters excite you? Welcome to Cancun. The good news is that most of the best places to stay in Cancun are on or close to a beach, so you won’t have trouble finding one. There are numerous particularly beautiful beaches such as Langosta, Chac Mool, Las Perlas and tourist friendly Defines (Dolphin) Beach. If you want some golf there’s a great course called Pok-ta-Pok nearby as well.¹

There’s also a great option for shopping in the area at the La Isla shopping village. This popular outdoor mall features a number of high end shops, cinemas and restaurants and is not far from most of the big hotels.²

2. Delicious Mexican Food? That’s A Yes

One of the highlights of Cancun—in addition to the astounding beaches and water is the food. Mexican food is world famous because it is absolutely delicious. One of the most famous Mexican restaurants in Cancun is called Senor Frog’s where you can have a great party, eat or both. It hosts beach parties and is a super fun place to go for some drinks, fun with friends and tasty Mexican dining.

If you want a dining option that is less party heavy and more relaxing, there are plenty of alternative choices. Consider La Destileria, Calypso’s, or Restaurante Mextreme. All are very well reviewed Mexican restaurants that will offer great food and add to the experience of your trip.

3. Check Out Chichen Itza – It’s Amazing!

Less than three hours away from Cancun you can go on a day trip to the amazing ancient Mayan site of Chichen Itza. It was built over one millennium ago by the ancient people who first inhabited Mexico and there are a number of buildings including the main massive pyramid which is very well-known around the world. In fact, the pyramid was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. There are many packages where you can get a ride from your hotel to Chichen Itza and a myriad of well-guided, fun tours that head there daily.³

4. Get Underwater

If you have never been to an underwater museum, Cancun is your perfect opportunity to do so with the MUSA. You can dive through hundreds of sculptures underwater that were crafted by Mexican and British sculptors. Don’t worry it is not too deep—only six meters maximum and you don’t have to go it alone, since a bevy of guided tours snorkeling and scuba diving are available on a frequent basis.

In addition, if you want to see but you don’t want to suit up and dive, there are various tour bouts which cruise through that have see-through floors.⁴

5. Aquarium Adventures

Another cool option when you’re in Cancun is to visit the Interactive Aquarium where you gear up in snorkels and swim around looking at a whole roster of amazing sea life including sea horses. You can even paddle around with dolphins, some of the ocean’s most wonderful inhabitants. With over 140 marine species of all colors, kinds and varieties swimming around in this aquarium for you to interact with, there is no chance of getting bored and there is a very high likelihood of having an outstanding time.⁵

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