Why Many Could Be Overpaying for Cable and Internet Services

Cable and internet services can cost much more than they should.¹ Bills often rack up to near $100 per month, but these costs do not have to be so high. In fact, the average cost for cable TV alone is $66 per month.² That’s very expensive. But there’s some great news. Many new cable companies are now competing in the market and are offering fantastic packages with very affordable pricing.³

The Cable Company Fiasco

Some US cable companies have become quite entitled over the years. They know that people are busy and many do not have time to compare prices or find a better deal. This is obvious when you see the extra fees that they keep tacking on. As Business Insider reports, there are over one dozen ways that cable companies sneak in extra fees and make users pay more than they were initially quoted. In fact, steadily escalating prices is an important part of many cable companies’ business models.⁴ The thing is that you as the customer just want high-quality TV and internet, not sneaky extra fees. It is time to start looking around.

Price Shopping and Getting a Better Deal

Cable companies do have major reductions and package deals available, you just need to be patient and watch out for them. Compare all of the different options and price packages with as many providers in your area you can find, taking into consideration the amount of TV channels as well as internet speeds you will need.

Many of the best deals are reserved for first-time customers who are just signing up, but this can make it the perfect time to consider transitioning over to one of the many cable and internet providers who are offering cheaper prices in today’s market. In many cases, searching online can be very effective for finding some of the best offers of the moment.


Xfinity offers a basic package with 10 channels and up to 100 megabytes per second internet for only $49.99 for the first 12 months, so this can be a good entry level option for those looking for a lower-priced cable and internet bundle.⁵ Although Xfinity is one of the larger and more traditional cable brands, their size makes them available in more areas than most.


Optimum has a cable and internet package that will be a good fit for many consumers. Their cable and internet combo package runs at 200 megabytes per second and includes over 220 channels for $54.99 per month.⁶


Suddenlink is another great service worth considering. They offer an internet, TV, and landline bundle for $64.99 per month. Their TV service offers 225+ channels, their internet features a high speed connection of up to 100 Mbps, and their landline service offers unlimited local and long distance calling.⁷


Mediacom is another good option, offering a cable and internet combo package at $69.98 per month. This has 60 megabytes per second internet speed and over 170 TV channels, so you will have everything you want and need for both entertainment and work.⁸

How To Find The Best Deals

Researching online, asking friends and family and even cold calling local internet companies and cable companies to find out who can offer you the best deal is an optimal approach. You might be surprised by how many providers are willing to negotiate over the phone.

In today’s day and age there is simply no need to pay more than you should for your cable and internet needs. Price shopping and comparing packages with an internet search will give you many insights on what choices are available. It’s time to get started and see what great new offers you can find.

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