5 Fantastic Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

For many people, not having a college degree feels very limiting. It might seem like there just aren’t enough jobs available for those without a degree. Luckily, there are many job boards online that can help guide you to a satisfying and well-paying career. Even if you don’t have a degree, there are many jobs out there that could be the perfect fit.

Mail Carrier

Being a mail carrier can be a satisfying career. If you like driving and are good at organizational skills such as sorting, reading and quickly summarizing information then this could be the job for you. A mail carrier should also be very good at reading maps, have great spatial awareness and be friendly and pleasant in social interactions.¹ With an average median annual salary of $56,490 the pay is also quite reasonable.²


Being a cleaner is a way to help the world shine. There are many services hiring cleaners for a variety of settings, from office cleaning and industrial cleaning to home cleaning. If you are a hard worker who knows how to clean or wants to learn, then this career can pay well and be a wonderful way to make a living.³ Salaries generally start around $23,000, but can increase quickly if you become a specialized cleaner or gain more experience.⁴

Food Service

A career in the food service industry can also be a good fit for many people. From a baking job to a bartending job, there is something for everyone. Generally the non-management positions in food service do not require any college degree, just a willingness to learn, good people skills and a strong work ethic.⁵ A career in food service such as a baker can pay an average salary of $21,859, so although that is not the highest in the world it can be a good entry level way to get started.⁶

Elevator and Escalator Repairperson

As unusual as it may sound, there are a lot of elevators and escalators around and somebody needs to fix them. That somebody does not need to be college educated, they simply need to be hardworking, good with their hands and mechanically inclined. A quick search online will show you the many opportunities available and next thing you know you could be out fixing elevators and making sure someone’s day at work goes smoothly. The median annual salary of an elevator repairperson of $79,000 is also worth keeping in mind.⁷

Hospitality Industry

There are many paths to getting a great job in the hospitality industry, from working at a resort or hotel to a spa or relaxation lodge. If you like people and are good at putting them at ease and providing top-notch, professional service, the hospitality industry can be an excellent career path full of potential for promotion and progression.⁸ The hospitality industry offers a median annual salary of $52,000, so that also attracts many new employees to the field as well.⁹

As always it is recommended for readers to do their own search online to find the career that is the best fit for their salary needs and skills. There is a world of opportunity waiting out there if you just put in the time to look and compare your options.

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