Why Accounting is a Career Path Flourishing with Opportunities

Accounting is an important field with varied career options. Some accountants help keep company financials in shape, while others assist individuals with their tax obligations. Being an accountant can be a satisfying career with high salaries and plenty of opportunity for advancement. Whether you’re looking for a fresh start with a career in accounting or you’re an existing accountant looking for a job change, there are plenty of fantastic and rewarding job opportunities available.

Here are some of the greatest benefits of an accounting career.

Japan Has A Growing Demand For Accountants

Japan does not have enough accountants, specifically accountants who are bilingual in Japanese and English. With qualification in Japanese Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (J GAAP) you can qualify for a high-profile accounting job with a generous salary. In addition, Japan has a need for financial controllers and accountants who can work in the area of finance, retail businesses and the pharmaceutical industry.¹

Many organizations are looking for employees who are skilled at financial planning and analysis, abbreviated as FPA. With Japan’s unemployment rate all the way down to under 3 percent, employers have to go out of their way to recruit new talent. As a qualified accountant you have many opportunities to pick where you want to work and what salary you are willing to accept.²

Helping Clients Have A Healthy Financial Life

The world economy has still not fully recovered from the previous financial recession and many individuals and businesses continue to struggle. As an accountant you can be a lifesaver for people and organizations who are struggling and help them gain control over their financial situation. There are many ways that you as an accountant can help clients. You can help them come up with strategies to overcome credit card debt, reduce taxes, pay off loans in time, or secure new loans they desperately need for a new project.³

Wide Variety Of Career Choices

Accountants have a wide variety of career paths to choose from.

One option is to become a tax accountant who specializes in preparing income tax returns for individuals or companies and consulting clients on how to optimize their returns so that they pay less taxes and receive more credits. Tax accountants often get to work one on one with clients and directly see the benefit that their work brings to others, so this can be a very satisfying aspect of the job.⁴

Another option is that of a CPA, or Certified Public Accountant. CPAs do audits and fiscal analysis of companies and governments of all sizes. These professionals are able to use their skills for many different positions in the accounting world. Although this is an American qualification, is it in exceptionally high demand as multinational businesses are in need of Japanese CPAs.

There are also very senior roles, such as that of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who take on responsibility for a company’s financial matters. They calculate and decide what financial risks their organization should or should not take. They also make sure that cash flow is healthy, communicate the company’s financial strategy across the organization, and make sure that different departments of the organization are cooperating and working together for optimal financial health.

Solving Problems And Improving Lives

As an accountant you have the opportunity to change lives and improve the financial health of clients and businesses. You can increase profits and minimize debts and help clients know which risks are worth taking and which are best avoided.

An online search can reveal the many different job opportunities that are available to accountants and get you on the way to starting an excellent new career. Even if you are already an accountant, there could be jobs available that would offer a promotion and higher salary, and searching online is a great starting point to see what is available.

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