Medical Alert Systems: Here’s What You Should Know

Medical alarms and medical alert systems are critically important for seniors. Why? They save lives. It’s not uncommon for seniors to find themselves in a position when they are in need of help but no one is around. Whether it be a fall that requires attention, a condition that requires evaluation, or another healthcare crisis – quick assistance is often very important. Thanks to a medical alert system, when an emergency arises, medical professionals can be notified and arrive in time to help. For a reasonable price—and sometimes even fully covered by Medicare—you can keep you or your loved ones safe at home.

Will The Medical Alarm Be Covered By Medicare?

Medicare Part B does pay for medical equipment, but it doesn’t technically categorize medical alert systems and medical alarms as medical equipment. Still, if you have a medication health plan or are part of a Medicare Advantage program they could cover the cost, so it is worth contacting Medicare to find out all your options. Even if it is not covered, medical alert systems and alarms can be more affordable than you think.

The following is a list of some of the best options when it comes to medical alert systems and medical alarms:


Lifeline is made by Philips brand and it can be purchased as an alarm for your wrist, a box you can talk into or a pendant. The controls are all waterproof as well, so that is one less headache. The GoSafe product is especially good and keeps you connected to lifesaving services via wireless internet. This product makes sure medical professionals know where to find you and even works if you are away from home. The cost for the mobile GoSafe system is about $150 with a monthly fee of $54.95.¹ However, if you just want the Lifeline home system it costs $50 with a more modest $29.95 monthly fee. This is a good system for keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Bay Alarm

Bay Alarm is a good company with a solid reputation that has various products beginning at only $19.95.² Bay offers a wide range of products, from a simple in-home alert system to a mobile program with tracking and features that can automatically tell if you have fallen or had an accident. Their systems are high-quality, with the in-home option having an impressive range of 1,000 feet and waterproof capability. Another plus? If you hit an alert by mistake you can still cancel it within 15 seconds.


Just as its name implies, MobileHelp utilizes your mobile phone to help keep you safe. From their traditional in-home alarm system with a wristband and necklace as well as a central unit, MobileHelp also offers a GPS model that connects up with a Samsung smart watch and lets you send an emergency alert via your watch.

MobileHelp also offers a Duo package including both the on-the-go GPS system as well as the at-home system for $41.95 per month. This will save a lot compared to buying both separately.³


LifeStation has steadily built up a stellar reputation and customer base since it was first started in 1977. From its durable, waterproof buttons and simple, easy-to-use telephone system the LifeStation offers a reliable product.

LifeStation also offers a mobile option which utilizes GPS and tracks where accidents occur so that medical professionals will be able to find you. LifeStation’s pricing varies significantly depending on what plan you choose, but the most basic plan can be had for as low as $19.95 per month if paid annually.⁴

A Great Choice for Safety and Peace of Mind

Medical alert systems offer seniors a great level of security for a very affordable price. It’s easy to take comfort in knowing that if you have an accident, a medical professional is never too far away.

If you’ve got a Medicare Advantage Plan or another supplemental insurance plan, don’t forget to contact your insurance provider. You might just be fully or partially covered under the plan, making a medical alert system a true no-brainer.

Given the numerous medical alert system options available and their many different packages, the best next step is to do a bit of your own research. A simple online search is all it takes to get started. You’ll be able to see exactly what features the major brands have and wisely make a selection to suit your needs best.