5 Popular Travel Destinations for Seniors

There’s nothing like enjoying a leisure trip in your golden years. Once you’re retired and getting past middle age, it can be rejuvenating and exciting to go on a trip. It’s not always easy to figure out where to go, but there’s certainly no shortage of wonderful places to visit on this beautiful planet.

Here is a list of five top-quality travel destinations for seniors.

1. Corpus Christi, Texas

Corpus Christi is an excellent place to visit in the winter. Despite Hurricane Harvey, Corpus Christi has average daily weather hovering in the 70s and has an amazing history that visitors can enjoy including fascinating museums, the absorbing Texas State Aquarium with the remnants of the USS Lexington battleship from Pearl Harbor available to see, incredible Tex-Mex and delicious seafood and a huge range of culture and entertainment for all ages. Malaquite Beach is also well worth checking out and even has special days when turtles are released back into the ocean.¹

2. Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a picturesque area of Italy that is perfectly suited for a senior vacation. There is a wealth of local culture, history and scenery to explore in the Tuscany region and that’s before we even get to the incredible food and some of the best wine in the entire world. Tuscany has many wonderful homestays, bed-and-breakfasts and hotels across the region and is a highly popular choice especially for seniors. Those planning a trip to Tuscany are advised to book early as accommodations fill up quickly.²

3. Alaska

Alaska’s beauty is legendary and it deserves to be. The wild rugged landscape, beautiful hikes, brilliant wildlife—especially the abundant whales, sea life and wild mountain bears—and outstanding food are just some of what draw increasing numbers of seniors to visit Alaska each year. Whether you choose to go on a relaxing cruise or visit one of Alaska’s many wonderful cities such as Juneau, Anchorage and more, there is a world of possibilities that will make memories for a lifetime in the beautiful state of Alaska.³

4. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is a lovely place to visit and is becoming more popular by the day. The best time of year to visit Santa Fe with warm temperatures and lots to do is September, October or November, although other times of year are nice, too. There are an enormous amount of fun activities for seniors in Santa Fe, from strolling through its Old West style streets to checking out the Puye Cliffe Dwellings where the Pueblo Indians used to live or browsing through the Harvey House where early settlers established an outpost in the late 1800s. There’s even more, including the Santa Fe Plaza at the heart of Santa Fe which has many markets, music festivals and delicious food to check out. There are also many unique Native American crafts and souvenirs to see in shops around town.⁴

5. Sedona, Arizona

For more of that warm weather and fascinating Southwestern culture, consider checking out Sedona, Arizona. With numerous activities and relaxation options for seniors from golf and bird-watching to spas and Native American history, Sedona is the perfect place to unwind or indulge your curiosity. Sedona is interesting and welcoming year-round and is the perfect location to enjoy the best of the Southwest.⁵

Finding Your Dream Trip

Finding your dream trip and making it reality is a matter of doing some research online, asking friends and family and considering your various options. Once you choose where to go it is simply a matter of contacting a travel agent, looking into package vacations or booking your own ticket online for a cheaper price. Seniors of all ages will find the above choices to be a great fit.

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