Why People Are Raving Over Bed in a Box Mattresses

If you think about it, your mattress is one of the things you spend a huge part of your life with. If it is uncomfortable, too rigid or too soft it can interrupt and worsen your sleep, leaving you feeling exhausted and irritable when you get up in the morning. Thankfully there is a cost effective and highly comfortable solution: a “bed in a box” online mattress.

What Is A Bed In A Box Mattress?

A bed in a box mattress is essentially exactly what it sounds like: it is a mattress that can be ordered online and received in a box. It quickly puffs out to function exactly like a normal mattress. The price of a bed in a box mattress is typically much lower than its in-store equivalent and is packed tightly using lightweight, super comfortable memory foam technology so that once you unpack your new mattress you will have an ultra-comfy and sleep-assisting new friend for every night.¹

Mattress Shopping Stress Solved

If you have ever gone mattress shopping you know that it is not exactly a walk in the park: in fact it can be quite stressful and confusing. Between a salesperson talking in your ear and rattling off all the supposedly amazing things about the mattress and you trying to keep a straight face at the incredibly high price it can be very difficult to even begin guessing which mattress is actually a decent price and will be nice to sleep on for years.²

The Many Benefits Of Bed in a Box Mattresses

One of the best things about bed in a box mattresses is that many companies selling them online offer risk-free trial periods lasting three to four months, during which you can send the mattress back at any time for a full refund. The implication of this should be clear: bed in a box mattress companies are fine making such a generous offer because most people love their bed in a box mattresses and wouldn’t return them after four months if you paid them.

Many people considering a new mattress in a traditional store lie on it for one or two minutes maximum, but you should actually be lying on a mattress for closer to half an hour to really see how it conforms to your body shape, adjusts to your body weight and leaves you feeling. Do you feel relaxed and ready to sleep or do you feel like you’re getting a back massage from a feral cat?³

Save Big

Bed in a box mattresses are much cheaper for a simple reason: they don’t need salespeople and a physical space to be sold in. That’s enormous savings which are passed on to you as the consumer. In addition, the shipping method is ultra-convenient, meaning you don’t need to spend a bundle on some massive shipping or moving cost. You just have it delivered directly to your doorstep, but instead of being a new shirt or phone it’s your new sleep pal.⁴

Once The Mattress Arrives

Once your bed in a box mattress arrives open the plastic covering and let the foam expand into its full shape which can usually take between 8-24 hours. In order to ship the mattress in a box it has been tightly compressed, which is why it can take this amount of time. Once it is ready, the bed in a box is yours to sleep on and enjoy with the full satisfaction of knowing you saved big, got an excellent mattress and can enjoy it with countless comfortable nights of sleep.

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