Why Are People Switching to These Gas and Electricity Providers?

When shopping for a new gas and electricity provider, the amount of choices can be overwhelming. Some prices simply seem too expensive, while other packages are unclear or poorly explained. How do you find the right provider for your needs? Thankfully there are some fantastic gas and electricity offers to be found in the UK if you know where to look.

Here is a guide to five of the UK’s best gas and electric providers that are worth considering and can result in big savings. If you’ve already got a gas and electric provider, it’s very easy to switch and doing so will result in no problems or interruptions with your supply.

ESB Energy

ESB Energy is a traditionally Irish gas and electricity supplier with over 1.3 million customers in the area. They’ve now arrived in the UK and have very attractive pricing. They use 100% renewable energy, have very good Trustpilot reviews, and offer significant savings when you use them for both gas and electricity. ESB offers both one and two-year fixed price plans, so you won’t have to worry about any unexpected price increases for a long time. They make switching very easy from your existing provider, however they do require a 12-month contract with a £60.00 exit fee.¹

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy is a relatively newer option, having been founded in 2015. However, they’ve already got over 1.35 million customers and for good reason. They’re exceptionally well-reviewed by customers, partly thanks to their fantastic customer service team who respond to calls in an average of just two minutes. Octopus uses 100% green renewable electricity, charges no exit fees, and has very competitive pricing. They handle the entire switching process for you as well, so they’re definitely worth giving a closer look.²


ScottishPower is a gas and electricity provider that is a subsidiary of the major Spanish electric company Iberdrola. They place a major emphasis on being environmentally conscious, using 100% green electricity generated from UK windfarms. When you buy electricity through them you can be confident there will be zero CO2 emissions. You can track your energy use, see your billing history, and submit meter readings all within ScottishPower’s easy-to-use mobile app.³


Bulb is another environmentally friendly gas and electricity provider that uses 100% renewable electricity from hydro, solar, and wind as well as 100% carbon neutral gas. They make the switching process extremely easy as well. In fact, if you are looking to switch to them but don’t want to pay the exit fees charged by your old supplier, they’ll pay the whole cost for you. Everything is easily managed via their online platform or through their simple mobile app.⁴

Avro Energy

Avro Energy is a company that isn’t so much about bells and whistles as they are about having the best possible prices. Despite having a very basic website they are reviewed very well and offer some of the best prices on the market. The one downside to Avro Energy is that unlike many of the other providers listed, they do not seem to have as much of a focus on using green and renewable energy sources. That said, if you cannot afford the slightly higher cost of a green energy provider, Avro Energy may be the lower cost alternative you have been looking for. They have no exit fees either, so you can leave at any time without paying a penalty.⁵

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