Where to Find High-Quality & Affordable Moving Companies

Moving is an exciting time but it’s also full of challenges. Choosing a dependable and affordable moving company can make the whole experience much more positive. The good news is that there are plenty of affordable and reliable moving companies out there that can be found with some basic research.

Here’s a guide for how to make sure you hire the best moving company at the best price.

Focus on Local Companies

In many cases it’s a good idea to hire a local moving company so that you can get a reliable crew that’s well-known and well-trusted by friends and neighbors. Check out what some of your local companies offer in terms of their services and whether they do interstate or even international moves.

Depending on where you’re moving and how much there is to move you will be able to consider whether there’s a local company that fits the bill.¹

Check That They Are Legit

It’s important to check that interstate movers have a Department of Transportation accreditation and to read reviews and to pay attention to their reviews and certification. Reputable movers should have a DOT number on their site and be clear about their accreditation.

Furthermore, you can look for movers who are certified by organizations like the American Moving and Storage Association and make sure that the company is known in your area and has a track record of successful moves and honesty in their billing.¹

Consider Hiring Car Movers

If you’re in a situation where you may need to move more than just household items and furniture, car movers are a savvy option as well. Whether you bought a car online and want it transported to your part of the country or are relocating to a new job but don’t have someone to drive your second vehicle to the new location, a car mover can provide a safe and affordable option to drive your car to where it needs to go. Look around online for the best car movers around you and keep in mind that a full cross-country trip can take up to a week.²

Look Around Online

Researching moving companies online can be useful and let you compare prices and services of various companies. You can also read reviews on various sites about whether their moving crew did a good job and any hiccups that might have occurred.

You can also search online at the Better Business Bureau and other sites to ensure that the company is reputable and contact various companies to talk with them about them coming to give you a quote on how much it will cost to do the job for you. Beware of any companies which ask for a large deposit up front or quote you a firm price without even coming to look personally as these can be warning signs of an untrustworthy company or a scam.³

Pay Attention to Reviews

While it is certainly true that bad reviews do not mean a company is untrustworthy, thousands of bad reviews sometimes do mean that. It’s important to check out reviews and read people’s honest experiences with moving companies so you can get a good idea about what crew will suit your needs.

Keep in mind that a site like the Better Business Bureau has more than 20,000 reviews of moving companies including whether they have a history of being penalized for dishonesty or fraud.¹

Watch Out for Extra Fees

Even if the quote that’s given to you by a moving company is very affordable, you need to be careful to pay attention to extra fees. These can include extra for taking items on elevators, longer distances to a waiting moving vehicle or for moving pieces that weigh above a certain weight. Be sure to ask about any and all extra and additional fees to ensure you don’t get smacked with a big bill at the end of your move.³

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