Unsold Cruise Cabins Need to Go

Cruise lines have large amounts of unsold cabins to fill which means they could be offering wonderful discounts. Smart online users could benefit and secure an incredible bargain by taking a careful look at the current offers available.

Here are several tips to help find a great cruise at a great price.

Finding The Best Cruise

Many people choose to find a cruise by working with a local travel agent. While this does simplify things, it can often result in paying thousands more than is necessary. Instead, there are a number of simple steps you can take to still find a wonderful cruise at a more affordable rate. Just be careful: websites that promise too-good-to-be-true rates for a cruise are often not mentioning all the hidden fees.¹

There are some key strategies people use to find incredible deals on amazing cruises. Knowing them puts you at a great advantage. First of all, it’s worth remembering that cruises have pre-scheduled dates and destinations. If they can’t fill up all of their cabins before they are set to depart, this directly translates into either lost profit or, in some cases, operating losses.

Operating at a loss is—of course—every business’ nightmare. Not only does less passengers mean less tickets sold it means days or weeks of less money spent onboard.

How To Benefit

Here’s where you come in. As someone looking for an affordable cruise, you could be in luck. Cruises will sometimes go down to half price—or even more—on tickets instead of leaving staterooms empty.²

Another trick to save on a cruise is to continually monitor the price – even after you buy. Many cruises will allow you to claim some of your money back if the price goes down before the date of departure.³ This can directly lead to hundreds in savings and it is not that hard to do.⁴ Even if you aren’t able to claim any money back, cruises may very well move you to an upgraded room as a courtesy.

Generally, it makes sense to check for bargains close to the departure date of a cruise. That’s when unsold rooms become a major burden and start to drop in price. If you have flexibility on when to travel and are not necessarily set on cruising in the most popular routes then there is a very good chance you can find stellar deals.

Where To Find Bargains

The tricky part about finding bargains is that cruise lines have a vested interest in not advertising how significant some of their discounts are. They would not want anyone to know they are having trouble filling up. That’s why you need to look at booking websites that partner with cruises or check in with a trusted travel agent who might be holding a last-minute cruise that you could jump on.

Surprisingly, high class luxury cruise companies are sometimes the ones that have very spectacular deals because they are competing in quite a busy market. Another good idea is to sign up for an email list that offers great cruise deals.⁵

Another tip? Consider going for a cruise outside of peak season: this means late in the autumn or early in the spring. As demand is weaker during these periods it’s usually easier to find better pricing as well.

A Wonderful Adventure At Sea Awaits

It’s time to put these tips to good use. Performing a search for the latest cruise offers is a great way to get started. Take a look at a few different cruise companies, compare destinations and pricing, and before you know it you’ll find a great offer and be on your way to enjoying a relaxing adventure on the high seas.

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