People Are Loving These All-Inclusive Vacation Destinations

All-inclusive vacations let you sit back and enjoy the sunshine without stressing about money. And they’re in some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic destinations. From mouth-watering food and drinks to white sand beaches and new friends, choosing to go all-inclusive can save you money and make the whole holiday the best it can be.

Where is the best place to take an all-inclusive vacation? Check out these seven stellar destinations.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is the absolute pinnacle of Caribbean beauty and relaxation. With its crystalline blue water, soft sand beaches and rich culture, the Bahamas has something for everyone. It also has 700 different islands but—spoiler alert—all of them are sunny almost all the time.

So if you don’t like sun the Bahamas should probably be avoided. But if you do like sunshine, scuba diving and tasty Caribbean seafood including conch soup and spicy shellfish snacks then you might want to stop by. More to like is the fun-filled Junkanoo Carnival of music and fun starting in late April which ends with the epic Road Fever party in Nassau. An all-inclusive vacation in the Bahamas is just the ticket!¹


Cancun is full of visitors year-round for a reason: it’s a lot of fun and it has amazing sea life along with beautiful sights and scenery. Want to see a sea turtle or visit the Sian Ka’an biosphere and see endangered wildlife? Perhaps you want to try surfing and snorkeling in some secret spots near the main beaches? Or maybe you’re more in the mood for a Corona and lime with some good friends at an all-inclusive beachside resort.

Either way, Cancun’s got you covered. There’s lots more to love, from amazing food like tacos along with resorts that serve creations that would put Top Chef to shame. The weather is good almost all the time and there are very good prices on tickets. Cancun, here we come!²

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has some great deals on all-inclusive vacations and plenty for visitors to enjoy. From dancing to merengue in the city of Santo Domingo to playing a round of golf in Punta Cana, the DR is the perfect destination. The food certainly doesn’t disappoint either, with shrimp, Caribbean seafood varieties and all sorts of amazing deliciousness. Added benefits? Many all-inclusive resorts have outstanding spas, swimming pools and fitness centers so you can get pampered, and the local culture and music is wonderful. Do Dominican!³


As the Beach Boys sang on the song “Kokomo,”: “Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya.” Well, whether you’re taking yourself or someone is taking you you’re in for a world of amazing white sand beaches, relaxation and breathtaking turquoise water. From water sports to sunshine to great all-inclusive family-friendly resorts and incredible diving (with the ability to see some legendary shipwrecks), Aruba is super. Make sure to visit the capital of Oranjestad and enjoy the local Bon Bini Festival. Aruba Arriba!⁴


If this list is Ja-makin’ you dream of an all-inclusive vacation then why not Jamaica? It’s one of the most beautiful islands in the world with a fascinating and welcoming culture, incredible food and all the sun and beaches you could ever hope for. White sand, tasty treats, reggae music, rafting on the Martha Brae river, diving in the Blue Lagoon or surfing and snorkeling? Jamaica has all that and more. It’s a world waiting to be discovered, full of great all-inclusive resorts that will make your visit a true pleasure. Jamaica? Yes please!⁵

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is paradise. Full of abundant wildlife, amazing beaches, lush jungle and magical waterfalls, it’s the ultimate travel destination and has many all-inclusive options. The national saying in Costa Rica which is pura vida means “pure life” and that sums up the whole attitude in the country.

Whether you want to go ziplining through the forest, go on a night walk and see glow-in-the-dark frogs, hike to a waterfall or spend your day eating finger-licking Costa Rican food and drinking beer by the pool, this coastal enclave is going to exceed your expectations. Over 25 percent of the entire country is nature preserves and national parks: it’s a nature-lovers’ dream and it’s also the ideal spot to kick back, relax and feel the love. See you soon, friend, pura vida!⁶

Turks & Caicos

If you want a place you’ll have the time of your life, try the Turks & Caicos. This colonial British island routinely wins awards as one of the best places to vacation and it is full of many enticing all-inclusive options. With the best diving and snorkeling in the region, including the third-biggest barrier reef on Earth, the Turks & Caicos is a special place. Add in sun, sand and the fact that they speak English and use the US dollar and you have a recipe for holiday happiness. Turks & Caicos is just over an hour flight from Miami. Turks & Caicos ahoy!⁷