Luxury Holidays in 2023

Going on holiday is one of life’s great joys. With a little bit of research it’s possible to find the perfect next holiday at a price that’s hard to believe.

Going on holiday is one of the joys of life, but not every holiday is one to remember. Sometimes you remember it for the wrong reasons, like missed flights, disagreements, cultural misunderstandings and bad weather. The goal—of course—is to have the best holiday of your life that you remember for good reasons. Here’s a guide to make sure that is exactly what happens.

Have a Holiday Vision

Before setting out on your holiday, have a vision. Think of your primary objective: do you want to take it easy, explore, discover ancient history, go diving, stay in luxury resorts, climb mountains, go on a budget hostel trip in an exotic location or go on a road trip closer to home and vacation at an RV campground? Your range of choices is immense, so it all depends on what you are looking for. Decide first and then the search can begin.¹

Plan and Book

Once you know what you are looking for, make a short list of locations that fit that criteria, discuss it with anyone else also going on the holiday and then plan. Work out a schedule, leave some flexibility and calculate approximate costs, including for flights, transport once you are in the country, accommodation, meals and entertainment. Don’t forget to include the cost of a visa if applicable and consider looking into all-inclusive holidays as they can be extra-relaxing and save money.

Once you have your plan figured out book the tickets and buy, comparing prices and itineraries to make sure you get the best deal and schedule possible. Don’t always go with the cheapest airline or accommodations, especially if you have had bad experiences in the past. Sometimes paying a small amount more can make all the difference between a great holiday and a bad one.²

Pack Light

Whether you’re going for a four-day trip or a one-month trip, pack light. Trying to get from place to place with too much luggage can be very stressful and costly. The less you have the easier it will be to get around and the more you can save on flights. Even economy airlines often charge high prices for checked baggage and this can really start to empty your wallet. Another advantage of packing light is that it leaves you space to buy souvenirs, clothes and trinkets from your vacation and bring some home as gifts or for your own enjoyment and decoration.²

Fun in the Sun

Whether you’re looking to hang out in the sun, have an adventure in the Arctic or anything in between, you want your vacation to be fun. Even if relaxation is the focus you can book some fun activities like attending a concert, playing volleyball on the beach or riding elephants to add some spice to the holiday. Making new friends, experiencing the local culture and establishing a perfect mix of activity and relaxation that fits the needs of you and everyone you are traveling with will all add up to a much better holiday.¹

Quality Over Quantity

Whether you’re going to Turks & Caicos, Turkey or Dollywood in the hills of Tennessee, a great holiday is all about choosing quality over quantity. That rule applies to everything from choosing where to eat to what activities to do to scheduling your daily routine.

Finding the right blend of fun and leisure and truly savouring the moments of recreation and relaxation will all add up to the best holiday ever. By using the tips above you can ensure your next holiday will be a roaring success with memories that last a lifetime.