Learn Digital Marketing Online

Whether you’re looking to join an exciting new industry, start a business, or simply sell more products and services, learning digital marketing can be incredibly rewarding. It only takes a little bit of research to find some great marketing courses online.

Interested in learning more about the opportunities available in digital marketing? Here are several possible options with some tips to get started.

Influencer Marketing

As an influencer, your job is to entertain a loyal audience of fans in an area you are passionate about.¹ It could be anything from makeup to sport to video games. The better you can create entertaining and/or informative content, the easier it will be to grow your fan following, and the more you can earn.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve already got a loyal following of fans, getting paid as an influencer is now easier than ever. Businesses regularly provide influencers with cash and free products in exchange for marketing videos promoting their products and services. The more you grow your following and the better you become at creating marketing videos, the more you can make. It’s a great way to have fun while building a personal brand and expanding your creativity.

If you’d like to become an influencer but don’t know where to start, there are countless resources available online that will teach you how to grow a following. It’s possible to grow a following on whatever platform suits you best. Searching YouTube for tutorials is one of the easiest ways to begin learning.

Agency Marketing

Do you find the idea of influencer marketing a bit too intimidating? Agency marketing might be the perfect alternative.

While influencer marketing will have you working more on your own, working for an agency is a team job. Marketing agencies help businesses promote products and services. Agencies often hire influencers to create videos for their clients. As an agency marketer, you may be responsible for liaising with influencers to make sure they create content that best suits the needs of the businesses you represent. You also may function as a video editor, content producer, or graphics design specialist. You could even function as a sales representative responsible for bringing on new business clients. There’s a lot of flexibility as far as your specific role in an agency.

Working for an agency will provide you with a bit more direction than working as an influencer. You won’t be entirely responsible for your own success. Instead, you will be working with a team who will be able to help direct and support you in your daily responsibilities. Many people enjoy the more social and directed aspect of working for an agency. That said, working for an agency will not provide you with the same level of freedom as you’d get being an influencer.

There’s no clear winner in terms of how much you can make. If you were highly successful in your agency and received multiple promotions or brought on big clients, you could earn a hefty sum. Likewise, if you grew a massive following as an influencer, you could also make a decent chunk of change.

Brand Marketer

Are there any brands or hobbies you are particularly passionate about? Then brand marketing might be a great option to consider. As a brand marketer, you’d work directly for an individual business and focus on developing their brand image. You might be responsible for coming up with their slogans or catchphrases. You may have creative control over the website design. You may even be responsible for managing their paid advertising campaigns online.

As a brand marketer you’d generally be working with a team. Unlike agency marketing you’d only have one client – the business you work for. This can be a lower-stress form of online marketing and is a win-win situation if you get to work for a company who has products or services you personally enjoy. With an agency, you often work with clients from all different types of companies, some of which you may not find personally interesting.²

However, if you’re someone who thrives on change and new challenge, you may miss the hustle of being an influencer or serving the ever-evolving needs of different clients in an agency.

Join the Digital Marketing Industry

As you can probably tell, the digital marketing industry offers a huge range of jobs and a wide selection of roles. Whether you like to work from home or in the office, with a team or on your own, as a designer or as a copywriter, there’s truly something for everyone. The salaries are very competitive too³, and with more and more of our lives becoming online, there’s no sign of things slowing down.⁴ Searching around online will quickly reveal many great options to get started with a job in digital marketing.

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