Hiring a Private Jet

There’s no better way to travel than to take a private jet. The luxury, privacy, and ease of private flying simply can’t be beat. Hiring a private jet in today’s market is more accessible and affordable than ever thanks to a number of great new services.

Whether you’re looking to buy, rent, or lease a private jet there are some important matters to consider. Here’s a guide to getting started with private jets.

Why Use a Private Jet?

Private jets have a number of distinct advantages. Firstly, they save time. You can skip the long lines at the airport and all the hassle around baggage, tickets and so on. You can get to the airport prior to your flight and get going straight to your destination instead of wasting time waiting around, with more than 5,000 American airports – and many more around the world – accessible by private aircraft.

Secondly, private jets let you travel in comfort and with plenty of room and quiet to get work done, eat a decent meal and enjoy relaxation. You don’t have to worry about liquid restrictions or paying extra for sports gear or musical instruments, you just pack it on. Furthermore, if you need to change where you’re going in the flight you have that option, too.¹

Hiring a Private Jet

There’s no denying how expensive it is to purchase your own private jet. Prices can range all the way from £2.5 million to £100 million or more. In addition, it can range anywhere from £350,000 to £775,000 just to pay for the costs of the crew and plane maintenance and storage.²

Truthfully however, very few people will benefit from having their own jet. A much more affordable way to use a private jet is to simply hire one as needed for a holiday or business trip. There are a number of great booking websites such as PrivateFly that allow anyone to book a private jet journey at a reasonable price. This option is particularly popular for families looking to travel in style.

One great way to save on the costs of booking a private jet journey is to travel with multiple people, or another family, as the costs can be divided amongst everyone. Also, the further you book in advance, the more likely you are to save.³

Which Kind of Private Jet Is Right for You?

Not all private jets are the same, not even close. For one thing there are many different sizes of private jets, six to be precise. These are light jets, super light jets, mid size jets, super mid size jets, heavy jets, ultra long range jets and “bizliners” or executive airliners. Here’s a bit more about each type. They vary enormously in price as well, so deciding which kind of private jet you require is an important financial decision.

Light jets are the most commonly used for small trips and people often hire them as air taxis, too. These aircraft can land easily on short, small runways and are versatile and comfortable.  Prices tend to be lower and light jets can generally carry up to eight passengers for up to 3,000 mile trips – on the Gulfstream G100. Examples are 2,000-mile range Cessna Citation II which can fit six and the Embraer Phenom 300 which can fit eight.

Mid-size jets have a higher capacity and will take you further. Planes like the Cessna Citation Excel have a great reliability and luxury with lots of interior space and space for a dozen passengers and 5,000 mile journey. Super mid size jets are faster, roomier and can go further.

Heavy jets are extremely top-tier in terms of the interior luxury and seating and in-flight technology and amenities. You will be able to store everything you need and feel like you’re at home in the sky. Aircraft like the Bombardier Global 500 seat 17 people, while the Gulfstream V takes 16 passengers and clocks an incredible speed of 7,300 miles per hour.

The apex of the private jet world is the bizliner or executive jet. Aircraft like the Airbus A-319 CJ have everything you could ever need on board and can take up to 48 passengers. The bizliner is the absolute top of the line and its price reflects that, but if you want to travel in style with maximum comfort and a large crew then it’s definitely worth considering.⁴

Booking a Trip

Once you’ve decided to fly private, it’s time to book a journey. Searching online can reveal a number of established private jet hire companies that will make booking a trip easy. Just be sure to research the options carefully so that you can be confident your trip will be as smooth, affordable, and luxurious as possible.

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