Here’s Why People Are Buying New Tires Online

Making sure you have sturdy and high-quality tires is one of the most important parts of owning a vehicle. Failure to replace worn-out tires can lead to lower gas mileage, difficulty driving, damage to your wheels and even dangerous accidents.¹ The thing preventing some from replacing their tires regularly is worry over price. However, there are good tires available for a reasonable price if you know where to look.

Good Tires Are A Necessity

Think of getting good tires and replacing them regularly as something as essential as putting your shoes on in the morning or paying your rent. It simply needs to be done. If you don’t replace your tires you could risk a damaging blowout on the highway or face a reduction in gas mileage resulting in unwanted extra fuel costs. You may feel like you’re saving money by keeping your old set of tires on but actually the chances are that you are draining more money long-term than you would if you simply bought new tires.

Moreover, old and worn-out tires can make it harder to steer your car and get traction, leading to all sorts of dangerous situations. It is also important to note that tires wear out faster in warmer climates. Although some manufacturers recommend tires be replaced every six years this will depend entirely on where, how long, and how often you drive.²

Finding Tires That Won’t Break the Bank

As you shop for new tires it can be daunting to see the price tags. There are some simple savings tips that will take you far, however. First of all, some times of year are better to buy tires than others. Specifically, buying tires in October or April is the best option, since October is when dealers offer discounts to encourage people to buy tires before winter and April is when weather warms up and dealers offer reductions to incentivize folks to get new tires and get out on the roads.³

It’s not uncommon for tire companies to offer buy 2 get 2, buy 3 get 1 and similar offers to consumers during promotional periods. If you’re in need of a full set of 4 tires, they’re basically giving some away. So definitely look out for these promotions. Also consider trying to make a deal with a tire shop. You’d be surprised by how many tire stores would be willing to come down in price, if you just ask.

Another great method for saving on new tires is to shop around online, where competition is intense and there are often many specials and great deals on perfectly good tires.⁴ It’s easier for online retailers to offer lower prices as they do not have the costs associated with a physical store. There are no building costs, shop employee costs, tire transportation costs, and so forth. These savings are often passed on to consumers, making shopping online a very wise choice.

Look After Your Tires

In order to increase the life of your tires and their efficacy, it’s a good idea to look after them and make sure you take steps to keep them in good shape. In particular, you should always be sure that your tires have proper air pressure levels and have them rotated regularly. Ask your dealer or research online to check when your next rotation should be. If your wheels are wearing down unevenly it often means that there is a problem with your vehicle’s alignment. Fixing that could save you years of tire life.⁵

Buying Tires Doesn’t Have To Be Tiring

As you shop around online for deals on tires don’t get stressed. Although the amount of choices can seem overwhelming, there are a number of reasonably-priced tires available online. The best idea is to compare prices, quality and reviews so that you can find the tires that are the best fit for your vehicle. Ensuring that they have good reviews, long durability, strength and handle well will make for a positive experience once they are installed. Searching online is the easiest way to begin the process of finding the best new tires for your vehicle.

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