Finding Furniture Offers Online

Searching for incredible bargains on furniture for your home, with discounts of up to 70% in some cases? Look no further. With a little online research, it’s possible to find some fantastic offers.

All of us need furniture in our homes. At the very minimum we need a bed and mattress to sleep on, a sofa to sit on, and a table to eat on. Unfortunately, furniture can seriously eat away at the budget if you don’t shop carefully. Thankfully, no matter what item of furniture you’re looking for, it’s possible to achieve massive savings with some simple tips. This guide will help you discover how to spend less on your next furniture purchase.

Look in the Right Places

Did you know that by simply shopping at the right places you can secure enormous savings? That’s right. Naturally, if you’re budget conscious you don’t want to be shopping at high-end luxury stores. Buying from low-cost stores like IKEA can save a lot. But what if even IKEA is too expensive? Or what if you’re looking for a high quality, luxurious item like you could find at a high-end store, but you don’t want to break the budget?

That’s where looking on eBay and Facebook Marketplace come in. You’ll have to spend a bit of time and shop carefully, but some truly incredible bargains can be found on these sites. In some cases, people are moving home and will practically give away good-condition items of furniture that were once incredibly expensive. They just need to dispose of the furniture, and you are doing them a favor by taking it off their hands. Other times, people will buy something expensive, quickly decide they don’t like it, and get rid of it at a fraction of what they paid. It’s not uncommon to find these items in virtually new condition, maybe used a handful of times or less.

It helps to have an idea of some specific brands so you can search for these items specifically. However, even if you don’t have any brands in mind, simply searching for “sofas” “beds” or whatever item of furniture you need, located within a reasonable distance to your home, should be enough to get you started.

Also consider looking in charity shops for furniture deals. Charity shops often receive high quality, expensive furniture as a donation and resell them at bargain prices.¹ The great thing about these shops is that in addition to scoring furniture at a good price, you’ll know your money will be going to a good cause.

Shop for Clearance Sales

For some this may be obvious, but for others this is easily overlooked. Most furniture stores online will offer a ‘clearance’ section where they get rid of excess unsold stocks, sometimes from last year or last season, and sometimes just from items they’ve ordered too much of. Furniture shops are looking to get rid of these items as soon as possible, and as a result they’re often willing to let them go for huge discounts.

If you decide to buy your furniture from an online retailer, make sure to browse the site carefully to find the ‘clearance’ section first. If you see something on clearance that you like, great! This is one of the easiest ways of saving big on a furniture purchase.


It may be uncomfortable, but haggling is definitely effective. Consider asking an online furniture store if they have any coupons available. Tell them that you’re interested in an item, but it is just slightly above your budget. You’d be surprised by how many stores might be willing to offer a discount code. If you’re at a furniture retailer in-person, salespeople often work on commissions², and they’d rather make some commission a sale than make nothing at all. If you’re a senior, always check if there is a senior discount available.³

Negotiating can be particularly powerful on large ticket items such as a sofa. You could easily save a substantial amount of money by just explaining that you need a lower price to suit your budget.

Getting Started

Are you ready to start saving on a new piece of furniture? Great! Getting started is as easy as looking around online to find some retailers. Once you’ve found some great shops, have a look at their clearance section or try to see if you can get support to offer you a coupon. If that fails, take a look at marketplaces like eBay to see if you can find a deal on a second-hand, refurbished, or like-new item. You’re just one search away from finding a great deal on your next piece of furniture.