Could Online Degrees Be a Faster and More Affordable Option?

College can be expensive, time-consuming, and inflexible. Trying to balance a busy lifestyle with the expense and debt burden of a university can seem out of reach for some. But without a degree, job opportunities are limited. The solution? Online degrees. Online programs offer people the opportunity to earn a reputable degree in their area of interest relatively quickly and at an affordable price.

Benefits Of An Online Degree

1. Distance Is No Obstacle

It sounds obvious but it makes a big difference: distance is no obstacle when you get a degree online. You can get a degree from a college in Florida but live in New York with no hassle. Not only is there no need to commute, saving you a bundle on gas, parking, roadside meal stops and extra student fees, but you also have a much wider selection of where you want to attend and can focus in on exactly the course and degree that’s right for you.¹

2. Study In Style—And With Flexibility

Getting a degree online and not being required to commute means you can work from home at the hours that work best for you. There’s no need to scramble to make it to an 8 a.m. lecture, you can have your coffee at 9 a.m. or 5 p.m. and then get down to work—or you can take the day off to focus on tending to your garden and get back to it the next day.

Studying from the comfort of home can improve your relaxation and—as long as you’re able to self-motivate—it can prove to be a wonderful arrangement, and the quiet and peace of home can be a major improvement to the noise and stress of campus which has been shown to block learning and knowledge retention.²

3. Fast-Track Degrees

Another significant advantage of studying online is that there are accelerated degree programs available in many subjects which just aren’t offered at most on-campus locations. Because you have a flexible schedule and can work as much as you wish, there is an opportunity to get through more coursework in a shorter time and earn your degree in only one or two years in many cases. Instead of spending your time on activities and college life you spend your time completing coursework leading to lower cost and a quicker graduation.³ It’s a win-win.

4. Earn While You Study

In some cases—as long as you aren’t doing a high-intensity or accelerated program that will take all your free time—it is more than possible to keep your job and work while studying online.

In addition to being a major financial cushion, doing this keeps your regular life flowing and busy even as you also obtain your degree. It is one of the best benefits of studying online and means that you can keep your part-time job while also studying on the road to your dreams.⁴

5. Save Money

Online universities generally cost much less than their on-campus counterparts. Choosing to get a degree online means you have opted for the money-wise decision: online courses don’t have to pay for physical space, utilities, expensive equipment and facilities which means they can pass the savings on to you in the form of lower tuition. According to CNBC the average American student holds $26,900 in student debt, which can be a major long-term burden, so saving money with an online degree is a savvy approach.⁵ Many online courses also have financial assistance if you demonstrate that you are a student of limited financial means.⁶

The best place to start is by doing some research online and finding out what online degrees are available in your price range and field of interest. Once you find a program that fits for your schedule and ambitions all that’s left to do is sign up.