Could Now Be an Ideal Time to Buy a Hybrid or Electric Car?

If you haven’t considered a hybrid or electric car, you’re probably missing out. Today’s models offer an incredibly smooth and luxurious driving experience. Add in the incredible savings on fuel costs and eco-friendly nature of these cars, and you’ve got a winning combination. The best news? The surge in supply of hybrid and electric cars combined with the current market has left many dealers with a sizeable volume of unsold vehicles. This can directly translate into large bargains if you know where to look.

The Joys of Hybrid and Electric Cars

If you look at much of the innovation happening in the car market industry today, it’s largely occurring in the electric and hybrid vehicle space. From the Autopilot capabilities of the Tesla to the incredible developments in petrol-free driving, having a hybrid or electric car is very exciting.

In addition, all of us now know about the potentially harmful effects of fuel-heavy cars on the environment. Some areas, such as Oxford, have even considered banning all non-zero-emissions cars from certain roads in the city centre. We all want to do our part to keep our environment in good shape, and driving an eco-friendly car is a great first step. Especially when it can lead to savings on fuel¹ and various congestion charges in cities.²

As the years have gone by prices have come down and technology has improved. Naturally, this has caused more and more people to be drawn to the allure of electric and hybrid vehicles.³ In response to this increased demand car dealers have ordered more and more of these vehicles to fill their dealerships.

However, in many cases, dealers have been unable to sell their entire stock of 2019 and 2020 vehicles. In some cases, dealers simply ordered too many hybrid and electric cars. While demand has gone up, it did not necessarily go up in line with their expectations. In other cases, the current environment has taken its toll. In fact, April 2020 was the worst month for car sales in the UK since 1946.⁴

Could This Be Good News for Car Buyers?

It won’t be long before 2021 hybrid and electric car models start showing up in dealerships. But when there are too many unsold 2020 and 2019 cars still on the lots, dealers will be under pressure to sell these cars as soon as possible. After all, the lots always need space for the newest models.

In order to move the 2019 and 2020 models quickly, dealers may very well offer particularly attractive pricing. This means that potential new car buyers could be able to benefit and get a good bargain. The good news is that finding these offers is very accessible and doesn’t take too long.

Where to Find Great Offers

The most convenient and best place to look for new offers is on the internet. In many cases, dealers do not want to publicise their best offers in person. Sales representatives can often entice consumers into paying a higher price, and once someone has committed to a particular dealership, they may be more likely to buy.