Could Many People Save by Switching Internet Providers?

When shopping around for a new internet package, the amount of choices can be overwhelming. Some prices simply seem too expensive, while other packages are unclear or poorly explained. How do you find the right provider for your needs? Thankfully there are some fantastic internet offers to be found in Australia if you know where to look.


Since it entered the Australian market in 2001, Dodo has built a steady reputation for having lightning-fast speeds. As part of the National Broadband Network (NBN), Dodo has some excellent plans available. For $70/mth they offer 40Mbps download speed and unlimited data with no set-up fees. If you use Dodo for gas and electricity as well, you can get this plan for just $60/mth. For $95/mth you can get an even faster 80Mbps download speed also with unlimited data and no set up fee. With both plans you can add Fetch TV service for just $25/mth for 12 months.¹


Optus has a number of great NBN plans available. For $75/mth and a $99 set up fee, you can get a 44Mbps NBN plan with unlimited data. For $90/mth you can get the same plan plus Fetch TV and a choice of Premium Channel Pack selections. All plans include a premium modem and exclusive Optus sports content. Optus also has several mobile broadband and 5G home broadband plans for those looking for an alternative to nbn. 5G currently has limited regional availability, but is rolling out to more and more of the country.²


TPG is Australia’s second-largest internet company after Telstra and has more than two million customers. All of their plans can either be purchased as an 18 month contract with no setup fee or without a contract for a $99.95 setup fee. For light users, they offer a budget $29.99/mth plan with 10GB of data and 10.9 Mbps speed. For heavy users, they offer an ultrafast 85.6 Mbps plan with unlimited data for $89.99/mth. Along with these plans they offer a number of others so you can get the perfect plan for your individual speed and usage requirements. For an extra $10 per month to any plan, you can add phone service with unlimited local and national calls.³


Internode is in a slightly higher price bracket than some of its competitors but its excellent speeds, flexible packages and outstanding customer service make it well worth considering. In fact, Internode has won awards for customer satisfaction. Internode offers NBN plans ranging from NBN Bronze starting at $49.99/mth (NBN 12) to the ultra-fast NBN Platinum at $99/mth (NBN 100). The bronze plan has a 100GB data limit ($0.50/GB thereafter) but all other plans have unlimited data. You can sign up month by month or get a 6-month contract with Internode. Neither option has a set-up fee, but the 6-month plan includes a cheaper modem.⁴


MyRepublic has NBN plans starting at $59/mth with unlimited data and speeds averaging 15 Mbps as well as a higher speed 83 Mbps plan at $89/mth. MyRepublic’s internet services are especially well-suited to video game players who like to stream online and need higher than average download speeds and capacity. You can sign up for pay-as-you-go monthly plans or one-year plans which include a free modem.⁵

Choosing The Best Broadband Provider

Starting with a simple web search and going from there is a great way to continue on your quest to find the best internet provider. You can read more in depth about the above providers and also compare offers and pricing for yourself. Before you know it you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which internet package is best suited to your needs.

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