Could Luxury Cars Be More Affordable in 2020?

There’s nothing quite like the comfort, performance, and status of driving a luxury car. Although many think of luxury cars as being very expensive, that isn’t always the case. The rise in popularity of other car types in recent years has caused many to overlook luxury cars. This has created an overstock of supply in a lot of dealerships, allowing many smart online consumers to find great offers.

What Exactly Is A Luxury Vehicle?

A luxury vehicle is an automobile that is built to higher standards with greater comfort, drivability, engine power and additional features. Interiors are often made of higher-quality materials including wood and leather, and these cars typically feature top-of-the-line sound systems. Luxury vehicles also often have security and safety features that go above and beyond those offered by most standard vehicles. They often have a better engine, drivetrain, suspension and overall driving ability as well.¹

Could Now Be The Time to Consider a Luxury Car?

It may now be possible to find a luxury vehicle at a more affordable price than you might expect, partly because more and more people are buying SUVs instead of traditional cars², leaving many dealerships with an oversupply of traditional luxury sedans. Luxury sedans are still outstanding vehicles – and just because the current trend is for people to buy SUVs doesn’t mean they are worth overlooking, especially given the greater possibility of securing a deal.

Another reason there may be an opportunity to find a good deal on a luxury car is due to the rise of premium electric vehicles. Even though electric vehicles only make up less than two percent of new vehicle sales, these vehicles directly compete with the gasoline and hybrid luxury car segment. Many people who would traditionally be on the market for traditional luxury sedans are now purchasing high-end electric vehicles (think Tesla) instead.³

Of course, electric vehicles only make sense for a certain segment of the population. Their limited range and charging requirements still make them impractical for many drivers. But since they’re still taking market share away from the gas and hybrid luxury auto market, this creates the possibility of finding a great offer from a dealer who is overstocked on traditional luxury cars.

How To Find The Hidden Luxury Car Offers

Dealers who have too many luxury sedans, SUVs and crossover vehicles on their lot are not exactly jumping to advertise the fact that they are overstocked and having trouble selling vehicles, but they still really need to sell the vehicles—as soon as they can. Dealers would much prefer a shiny new customer comes on the lot and pays exactly what the sticker says—plus any extras they can add on.

They don’t want to get less than they could, but they also often have luxury vehicles they want sold as soon as possible even if they have to drop the price to make a sale. This is where you come in.

By searching carefully online, it’s possible to find many of the best offers currently available. Online competition is intense, and so car companies will publish the best offers they can to entice consumers to their brand over others.

It’s not the same as physically going to a dealership where they’ve already got your interest. They need to entice you with their best offers online to make sure you don’t go to someone else instead. Whether you’re on the market for a luxury sedan, SUV, hybrid or electric car, there are car companies looking to make a sale.

However, it’s important to do your research before buying. Make sure the car model you’re interested in has good reviews and is reliable and high quality. Also consider comparing the offerings of a few different brands so you can be more confident in the one you ultimately choose. With some fairly simple research and a little bit of analysis, you’ll find the perfect new luxury car to suit your needs in no time.

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