Business Credit Cards are Providing Business Owners with Huge Benefits

Owning and running a business is hard work. Whether you are self-employed or have 100 employees, it’s imperative that you have the right tools to succeed. One of the most important tools you can get is a business credit card. Business credit cards help grow operations, finance everyday purchases, and let employees make payments as needed.


Pleo was founded in 2015 and is an excellent platform that lets companies issue prepaid credit cards to employees and track their expenses in a simple and logical way. You can assign employees credit limits to make sure they don’t overspend and easily see exactly where the money is going. Their platform integrates with nearly all of the major accounting tools, making bookkeeping easier than ever.

Pleo is also known for its excellent customer service and high-tech innovations that are constantly making expense tracking and analysis easier, better and faster and ensuring that your choice to disburse business credit cards through them is an excellent one.¹


Soldo is another modern company card solution that allows businesses to issue prepaid cards with controlled access to employees and easily track expenses across the business. With Soldo, you add money via bank transfer and then manage exactly how it is distributed across the company. You can assign different credit limits to different employee credit cards and can have them photograph receipts and tag them into the system when they make purchases. It also integrates with all of the major accounting tools making bookkeeping as easy as can be. They offer two plans – Soldo Pro for £5 per card per month and Soldo Premium for £9 per card per month. Soldo Pro will be suitable for most but Soldo Premium adds extra functionality including customizable roles for users and advanced reporting options. An added bonus is that currently not-for-profit businesses who use Soldo receive 30% off their paid plans.²


Spendesk is great for the accounting department and employees, with expense tracking and great analysis into cashflow of the business. Spendesk makes it easier for employees to invoice and spend as well, which works through a system of virtual cards for online purchases such as hotels, equipment orders and so forth. They also provide physical cards, making it straightforward to distribute business credit cards that can be centrally monitored and managed as part of the overall framework for optimizing your business’ financial footing.³


Payhawk is another company that is riding the crest of the future tech wave, with its great financial analysis tools linked to its business credit cards. With many useful budget analysis features, Payhawk gives you a virtual account that connects to your bank for easy transfers back and forth. You can get virtual and physical Visa credit cards after signing up for Payhawk for yourself and every employee and set spend policies for each card. Expense tracking simple and powerful and can be done using a great mobile app that lets you see payments being made in real time. Payhawk receives consistently high customer reviews and is growing in popularity.⁴

AMEX Business Gold

If you’re looking for a traditional business card, you can’t go wrong with the American Express Gold Business card. This is definitely one of the best cards out there, particularly for businesses with high levels of spend. That’s because each £1 spent on the card earns 1 Membership Reward Point which can be redeemed for a number of fantastic rewards and travel benefits. They currently have a great promotion on for new cardholders, offering 20,000 bonus points if you spend £3,000 or more in your first six months using the card. This card has no fee the first year and thereafter it costs £125 per year with superb cashflow management tools and 54 days to pay off your balance. You can get up to 99 additional cards for employees for no extra charge. The Amex Business Gold card is certainly one well worth considering that will make handling your business expenses a breeze.⁵