Why People Are Switching to These Broadband Providers

When shopping around for a new broadband package, the amount of choices can be overwhelming. Some prices simply seem too expensive, while other packages are unclear or poorly explained. How do you find the right provider for your needs? Thankfully there are some fantastic broadband offers to be found in the United Kingdom if you know where to look.


BT is a leader in the UK market because of its great service, competitive prices and extensive Wifi coverage. BT uses a router called a Smart Hub along with strategically placed Wifi Discs to make sure you have a strong Wifi signal no matter where you are in your home. BT currently offers a range of plans with speeds ranging all the way from 36Mb to 900Mb depending on where you live and the price point you are willing to pay. If you don’t get the speeds they promise, you’re actually eligible to claim a £20 apology payment. Their Fibre broadband packages all come with unlimited usage so there’s no need to worry about how much you download or stream.¹


Sky offers a number of convenient, unlimited internet plans and is known for being reliable and reasonably priced. In fact, if you don’t get the speeds they promise, they’ll give you your money back. They offer speeds ranging from 11 Mb/s to 145 Mb/s depending on your budget and local area. It’s also possible to get a TV & Broadband package through Sky where you’ll get Sky’s premium channels and a large range of others at a special package price. Sky is a great family option as well, as they have a Broadband Buddy app that lets you create filters for kids so they can only see appropriate content, set limits to screen time, and more.²


NOW is another excellent UK broadband provider worth having a look at. They’re currently offering a special Fab Fibre promotion, offering unlimited and fast 36Mbps internet for 12 months at a rate of just £22/month. Also, for just £4.99 per month more for the first 12 months you can get a NOW TV Entertainment Pass which includes all the best TV channels that do not come with Freeview. After the first year the price increases to £8.99 a month. Another nice feature about NOW is that they have some plans that do not require a contract. On these plans, you can cancel at any time if you aren’t happy with the service or find a better price elsewhere.³


Zen is one of the UK’s best reviewed broadband networks, with great reviews on Trustpilot and a Which? recommended provider. All of their plans do not have any data limits and allow for unlimited downloads. They also feature a lifetime price guarantee – so you’ll never have to pay any more than the price you pay for your original contract. They have two main packages, one with download speeds of 35 Mbps for £29.99/month and one with download speeds of 66 Mbps for £34.99/month. They make it very easy to switch to them from an existing provider and have great customer service as well, so Zen is definitely an option to check out.⁴


TalkTalk is a high-quality and low-cost provider with several unique offerings. They’re currently promoting a plan that offers unlimited downloads, 38 Mb/s Fibre broadband along with 80+ Freeview channels and a year of free Amazon prime for just £25.50 a month for 18 months. They also have a faster plan offering internet of up to 67 Mb/s for £26 a month for 18 months. Their plans all have no set-up fees and they guarantee no monthly price rises during the length of your contract.⁵

Choosing The Best Broadband Provider

Starting with a simple web search and going from there is a great way to continue on your quest to find the best broadband provider. You can read more in depth about the above providers and also compare offers and pricing for yourself. Before you know it you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which broadband package is best suited to your needs.

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