Why People Are Protecting Their Pets with These Great Pet Insurance Plans

It’s all too painful to see a beloved pet suffer from illness or injury. Unfortunately, the costs of treating an unwell pet can be far more expensive than many of us would desire. That’s where pet insurance comes in. Pet insurance is a popular and affordable solution to make sure your pet stays happy and healthy for as long as possible.

One of the first questions many people ask when considering pet insurance is what provider they should choose. Here are five of the most popular pet insurance companies on the market worth considering.

Bought By Many

Bought By Many is an exceptionally well-reviewed pet insurance provider that has built up a stellar reputation over the years. They offer a range of packages for all pets and budgets. Their most comprehensive Complete Pet Insurance package includes £15,000 lifetime vet fee cover which includes cover for dental issues. It also covers up to £6,000 in the case of loss or theft and £2,500 when traveling abroad with a pet. They even provide and cover unlimited vet video calls using their partner app FirstVet, so you can always make sure your pet is in good health.

Bought By Many also offers a very affordable Value Pet Insurance package at a much lower price which covers up to £3,000 of lifetime vet fee cover, dental cover in the case of accidents, emergency pet minding cover, and cover in the case of pet loss or theft. Whatever your budget, Bought By Many should have a good option available and is highly recommended.¹

Argos Pet Insurance

Argos Pet Insurance is another great option offered by the well-known Argos retail brand. Their pet insurance policies cover veterinary fees including dental, theft, emergency kennel fees if you are hospitalized, and 3rd party liability for dogs. They also provide a free live chat and video veterinary helpline. It’s easy and quick to get started with a quote online. Argos Pet Insurance also claims to process 97% of claims for vet fees within just 5 working days, so it’s nice to know that you should get your vet fees back quickly. It’s worth noting that Argos Pet Insurance is currently offering a £20 Argos gift card when you start a new policy using promotional code ARGOS20.²


For those hoping to insure multiple pets, PetGuard is definitely worth a look. That’s because they offer an extra 10% discount for those who insure more than one pet with them. They can cover vet fees of up to £3,000, £6,000, or £12,000 depending on the price you’re willing to pay for the policy. They can cover accidents, illnesses, emergency pet minding, theft, vet transportation, dog liability, overseas travel, and more. Their plans are highly customizable so you can make sure you’re getting exactly what you want without paying extra for the things you don’t need. PetGuard policies cover both dogs and cats and they have exceptional reviews on Trustpilot.³

Animal Friends

Animals Friends is a pet insurance provider that’s been around for over 20 years, so they should know exactly how to handle things. They’re able to insure dogs, cats, and horses. Their policies include free video consultations through their Joii mobile app for both dogs and cats. For in-person vet visits it’s possible to have your vet file claims online for you, making things extra simple. It’s also comfortable knowing that a portion the fees you pay for the insurance is donated to hundreds of animal charities worldwide. In fact, their whole company was originally founded as a means to support animal welfare charities around the world.⁴


4Paws has great plans for dogs, cats, and rabbits along with a number of policies to suit a wide range of budgets. They have very high customer feedback ratings and can provide cover for any pet over six weeks old. One thing that’s particularly good about their policies is that they are willing to pay claims directly to your vet, so long as your vet is happy to accept their payments. It’s important to note that they won’t cover any pre-existing condition or injury that happened before getting the insurance. The average time which 4Paws takes to pay out a claim is between 5-10 working days, which is outstanding.⁵

As a final note, before deciding on any one pet insurer it’s important to do your own research. Searching online is a great way to find the specifics of each pet insurance provider and compare reviews and pricing options. Soon you’ll be enjoying a wonderful pet insurance policy to make sure your pet is looked after in times of need.

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