Storage Units: A Popular and Affordable Solution to Free Up Space

Sometimes there just isn’t enough space for all of your things. There can be many reasons why things get crowded, from a big move to a massive collection of antique books. Whatever the reason you’re running low on free space there’s a simple and cost-effective solution: getting a storage unit.

Why Get A Storage Unit?

There are a number of reasons to get a storage unit. From freeing up space in your home to storing collections, extra furniture, artwork or old heirlooms that you want to keep in a climate-controlled environment. Life changes like divorce, moving, a loss in the family, a new baby or looking after an older parent in your home can add a lot of new items and create the need to free up space. Instead of feeling like the size of your home or apartment just got cut in half, getting a reasonably-priced self-storage unit can be the perfect answer.¹

Storage Scenario: Moving

Moving can be difficult to say the least. As you work to get all your stuff into a new place—especially if it is a smaller place—your stress can hit the ceiling. Getting temporary storage can be a lifesaver, giving you space to store the various items that you can’t fit or don’t need yet but will want or need down the road. Conversely, if you are selling or renting your property, a storage unit can help you clear out all the clutter and show the home in a much more attractive light. Either way, storage units can really ride to the rescue and they do not have to cost as much as you might think.

Finding The Right Storage Unit

The best way to find the right storage unit is to start by searching online for storage units in your area. Word-of-mouth and talking to friends and acquaintances who have used storage units is also a good idea. You want to find a storage unit that allows you to rent for short or long-term depending on your needs and budget.

It also makes sense to look for discounts or promotions that might be going on at the time. Sometimes you may find a great coupon or promotion that could cut down the cost even further.² The average cost of a storage unit varies dramatically depending on where you live and the size of storage space you require.³ For example, the cost of storage in London may be more than the cost of storage in Edinburgh or Bristol. No matter where you live, it’s wise to get quotes from a few different providers so you can go with the one offering the best value for the money. Many companies also offer special online-only discounts, so searching online for promotions can really save you a bundle.

How A Storage Unit Can Improve Your Health

Wait, what? A storage space can improve your health? Yes, you read that right. According to psychologists, having a messy living space and home can lead you off track from a healthy lifestyle and increase your stress and mental fog. When you are disorganized and cramped for space it has many spinoff effects that are not immediately obvious including being short tempered, highly stressed and exhausted.⁴ It can also become harder to focus, as the increase in visual stimuli uses your brain’s precious resources.

Getting a storage unit can be the perfect way to unload household items and things that are not absolutely necessary but which you are not able to throw away. With a simple online search you can find the right nearby storage space with good reviews, good security and a decent price. You can then take a breath of fresh air and gain mental clarity as you safely store away your possessions for whatever time is necessary.

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